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    From:, [​IMG] Australia, West Beach, Ransom It Trust
    Return-Path: <>
    Subject: RE: Please confirm CHINA PO#096 AJANSE received
    To: You <>
    From: "Angel Zhou" <>
    Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2017

    Good Morning,
    We just received confirmation for this orders last week.

    1) Our purchase team confirmed they already sent you this order yesterday but no reply from you yet, i wonder if you already received the mail. I have updated and increased the order quantity as attached.
    Please confirm the attached order and sign and return to us for confirmation.

    2)Also Please send us invoice within today for confirmation. For the deposit please fill in your banking information in the the attached bank information document and sign and return back to us, so that our financial team will send deposit as soon as possible after we receive your invoice.

    3)After this order is confirmed we will send you a new PO because we will need to make new order for 1 40ft containers to Bangladash.

    Thanks & regards
    Angel Zhou
    Aero Enterprises
    18, G.F. Virat Bhawan
    Commercial Complex
    Mukherjee Nagar
    Delhi - 110009
    Ph.: 011-43158300

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