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Discussion in 'Is this a scam?' started by slp822, Apr 1, 2011.

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    They are nothing but liars are thieves I do a highly recommended not ordering one thing from these guys I ordered 11 products the first time I've only received one and it's already been like a month and a half so I got kind of excited went down and got a prepaid MasterCard bought five at their orders they confirm that they got the payment then they turned around and cancelled the ordernow I'm having a hell of a time getting a refund back which I doubt I'll even get they are nothing but liars cheaters thieves and a shell company I think they're just want your Visa card information so they could steal your money or however you pay if you pay by Western Union your bank they're just gonna steal your money so I highly recommend that you do not buy from them
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    @Hempey please read the posts about this organization. On another website they were given the opportunity to assist one of their customers. One of their customer staff called Fiona tried to pretend that dhgate was ok but she ran away when asked reasonable questions and could not answer questions by customers. They failed very badly in customer support.

    I would advice extreme caution when dealing with any Chinese organizations over the internet.
    If there is a problem where would you go to resolve it?
    If you purchase locally you can always go to the store and sort out any problems but when dealing with an organization from overseas this opportunity is not there.

    The joy of a cheap price soon evaporates when you receive the wrong thing or a load of rubbish.
  3. so here's my review on site as an average person who just likes deals:
    I've been using eBay for 4 years and loved it but recently made the "risk" of using DHGate. I'd heard all the horror stories. When you google them it's basically all negative. Thank God I didn't listen to them.
    I've had great support from DHGate and no issues with refunds and actually gotten coupons from support because a Seller was taking a while to respond. Most of the time you can get a product from DHGate for cheaper than EBay WITH tracking. I'm in Canada and recently packages began taking very long (8 weeks) so getting something in 2 weeks is Very Very Nice.
    I don't like that they don't use PayPal but have had no issues with Credit Card so far and had all refunds with 3 days. You have to realize when getting "amazing deals" the quality may not be as good. I think of the site as a larger Dollar Store. They offer great deals and great products just do research before on product and use Sellers who have high feedback and transaction records.

    Don't knock it till you try it. And maybe don't try it for the first time with a $300 purchase like a crazy person...
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    @ GetWhatYouPayFor. I read your post with interest. Lets look at some points made.

    "When you google them it's basically all negative." I would think there is a reason for this.
    "I don't like that they don't use PayPal" Now why would PayPal not deal with them ?
    "and had all refunds with 3 days" It seems you are the only one, according to reviews.
    "You have to realize when getting "amazing deals" the quality may not be as good." In other words they are selling cheap rubbish.

    I have never purchased from them, however I was a global moderator on before they closed. In this position I conversed with a DHGATE representative and as mentioned earlier Their customer service representative " Fiona" Promised a lot but ran away when it was time to look after some of their customers. With promises broken.

    She is welcome to post here if she is prepared to help the customers who are unhappy. Lets see if DHGATE will in fact help their customers who are unhappy and out of pocket after losing their money with this organization.

    As has been said " By their DEEDS ye shall know them "
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    I paid $730 for goods that turned out to be fake. It was agreed with the seller to return for a refund. The parcel was signed for but they are now saying they haven't received it even though I have a signature to prove they did. All they will say is that they didn't receive it and will no longer communicate. The company is called vapor_leaf and I urge you not to buy from this company or in fact, use DH Gate as they have been no help at all. I have now gone down the route of a charge back with the bank, who I have to say, have been very helpful. I have given my bank a copy of the POD and signature and they are hopeful I will get my money back. The thought that they will get away with this theft infuriates me. I left a review for the product but all they did was remove the listing and replaced it with a new one. No morals at all !!!
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    @Ruby welcome to AFI. The main problem when dealing with any overseas organization it that you cannot go and see them if there is a problem and it is too easy for them to ignore emails if there is a problem.

    Previous dealings with this organization as detailed in earlier posts about them are not encouraging as their customer service person 'Fiona' just ran away when asked to help their customers.

    One option is to send in a report to the Chinese consulate

    Commercial Section
    Tel:020 7087 4949
    Fax:020 7706 2777

    Although China would welcome money flowing into China from overseas they would take a dim view of their international reputation being sullied due to the actions of unscrupulous businesses.

    Once a countries reputation is damaged it can hurt the many genuine businesses and cost many millions in lost business for the sake of a few thousand made by bad organizations.

    If enough people complain I am sure they would look at the situation. No country likes their reputation dragged through the mud by these types of businesses.

    More about them here:
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    Find their local office and complain to the police in that province, don't bother with city police unless it is Shanghai or Beijing, etc.
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    So far no response from DHGATE. Nor from any of their 'customer care staff' When it comes to refunds or helping their customers after a sale it seems that DHGATE are not interested.

    Great care is recommended if you are thinking of dealing with DHGATE.
    You could be better off dealing with a local organization, at least you can go and see them if any problems arise.
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    @ Tayron, this is not Dhgate. You cannot order merchandise here.
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    @ Tayron. Naruto is correct. After reading the comments about Dhgate why would you risk your money dealing with them ?

    If you wish to contact us you can register and use the private message system.
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    This one of the worst websites you can ever purchased from you will get your items but the are the knock off version(Fake) of what you ordered
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    Dealing with them now for receiving items in the wrong colour despite detailed requests
    prior to buying and when ordering, as colour was most important.
    Turns out I am told to start a dispute, however - none of the button on their dispute page work?!!!
    Apparently they can't start a dispute for me either - due to "security reasons".
    What a joke.
    Stick with eBay and Etsy. While you still have issues, at least they a minimal in comparison.
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    @JaneL welcome to AFI. Complaints direct to Dhgate seem to have little effect, you can send in a report to the Chinese consulate. I am sure the Chinese government do not like the reputation of China to be dragged through the mud.
    If they receive enough complaints they may act.

    Consulate-General of P.R.China in Brisbane, Australia

    Consul General: Mr. Zhao Yongchen
    Address: Level 9, 79 Adelaide St., Brisbane, Queensland 4000, Australia
    Mailing Address: P.O. Box 12126, George Street, Brisbane QLD 4003, Australia
    Tel: +61-7-32106509-240
    Fax: +61-7-32106517

    Consular Office of Chinese Consulate in Brisbane
    Tel: +61-7-32106509-200 (Manual Service)
    +61+4-06318178 (Consular Protection)
    Fax: +61-7-30128096
    Office Hours: 09:00-12:00, Monday-Friday (except holidays)
    Consular District: Queensland
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