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    ATTIEQ New Member

    well i was looking to purchase an Apple IPHone 4S 32 GB online without Credit card on Home delivery. Transfer of money would be through bank , western union or money Gram.i come to know about these companies :

    can anybody from UK,USA,Malaysia confirm about these sellers ?.
    Are they Real or Scam who cheat people for money and do not deliver them anything ?.
    they are publishing their adds on different sites for promotions.

    Secondly i want to ask about an E-Mail address of Nigeria Custom Officer.
    i actually purchased one piece of APPLE Iphone 4S 32GB from Excel Electronics Incorporation is there
    and i transferred 200$ through western union to them for my package delivery.remaining amount was to be transferred after getting Shipment Tracking Number.they delivered my package on 05-07-12 from their office located in package was seized by Nigeria Custom and Custom is charging 140$ for package release. all that matter was mentioned by the company Excel Electronics.
    They sent me custom receipt by E-Mail which seems to be prepared by themselves.
    I did not transfer money yet.Now i got an E-Mail from [] saying my package is seized and i shall contact to Excel Electronics for package release.the person mentioned his name
    as "Comptroller-General of Custom Service.
    (MFR). Abdullahi D.I "
    can anybody confirm whether all that above mentioned matter is real or just they wanted me to send them more & more money and never get my package from them ?.
    Can any body Help me out ?.
  2. De Master Yoda

    De Master Yoda Administrator Staff Member

    @ATTIEQ. Welcome to AFI. Both of these are scams.

    Apple almost never discount their products so any Apple product offered at a discount, by people you do not know are scams.

    Sorry, but the money you have sent is gone. Please do NOT send any more money as you will lose this as well.

    Money sent via western union to Nigeria is almost always a scam, and I am sure that the Nigerian customs department would not be using a free email service like hotmail, they would have their own government email.
    A genuine Nigerian customs email would look similar to this-

    Your package has not been seized by customs as it does not exist. It is all a scam.

    ATTIEQ New Member

    Thanks Admin...
    as i got very warm welcome on AFI.
    would that i have been with you before July and would have save the money i lost.
    but i am happy not to loose any more as reported by you all these are scam.
    they are forcing me to send money and i reply them u all are cheaters.
    MAY GOD Ruins These scamers. "amen"
  4. mckenzee

    mckenzee New Member

    if only i read this post earlier, i've never been scamed for the first time

    the website they told me:

    the agent named Agnes c.Alejandro convinced me so badly on facebook that i paid over the western union.
    she gave me this details to pay to their boss that hold the funds. hers the details.

    Receiver's First Name: Mohammed
    Receiver's Last Name: Azeez
    Address: 154 teju OSHO PLAZA .
    City : Lagos
    State : Lagos
    Zip Code: 23401
    Country: Nigeria.
    Text question: How are you?
    Answer: Fine

    i paid for almost $469 for two iphone 4s (buy 2 free 1). after paying it. she told me that she is going to send me the package immediately, an hour later she emailed me this saying:

    (I'm back from the shipping company .#We've already registered your package for shipping but the Malaysian Customs request for a some of $215 before they can stamp the 3 units for delivery at your doorstep .I hope you can try to understand me , not meaning to be kind of rude .So you have to rush down and transfer the money now so that we can pay the bills and you will be getting the phones tomorrow around 4 - 5 Pm
    await your payment details..)

    we had a lot of conversation on chat that i refuse to pay for the custom matter and she said that is the last payment. and then this person in charge in on their website named "kathywatson" emailed me saying this:

    (The customs is the only issue at hand to be settle at now .
    The customs won't let the goods for delivery at your home if you don't send the money .
    They charge $30 every per 2 days the package stays with them in their custody .
    You have to send the money now so that the shipping agent can bring the 3 phones at your doorstep .
    Agnes is my best of friends , she told me you've made her gone through stress because of this comes up matter with customs .)

    so after the day i rush to the western union to pay $215 to the same person. i notify them..
    the next morning, Agnes c. Alejandro message me on facebook telling me this

    (you need to pay $240 for more iphone 4s to receive buy 3 get 1 free the free 1 is iPhone 5 16GB white ok)

    i said, i never order that!, i just order only 2 iphone 4s. and the she tell me her "alibi"

    (Because we've mis - package a wrong order The store keeper went to package buy 3 get 1 free
    He thought you wanting to get the 3 and 1 free not knowing his suppose to registered just 2 iphone 4s only The package is now in Manila
    thats why im trying to say you should pay 240 more to get the 2 iphone 4s 16gb and 1 free iPhone 5 16GB white color)

    i said that if the products are already arrive here why not give me the traking number? Agnes said I will have the tracking number if paying the $240 now.

    so now, I feel so mad and empty because of what happened. those predators eat my money.. I told them i want to refund my money but instead they are forcing me to pay again. i said that enough you cheaters! you may all rest in peace and may all your soul will burn to hell.
    and so i learn my lesson now..
    can anybody help me report this scam.
  5. mckenzee

    mckenzee New Member

    the facebook accnt. of the sales agent i told before is

  6. tanzeel

    tanzeel New Member

    i am also a fresh victim of same website contact me on email

    you give me ur adress so that i can add u as victim on my complaint at public complaint site)
  7. De Master Yoda

    De Master Yoda Administrator Staff Member


    @ mckenzee. One of our prime concerns is the safety of our members. It may not be wise to give out any of your details, including your email address to new members.

    Such requests may be completely innocent and done to help, but they may also involve those whom you may wish not to have your details.

    Communication between members can be made a lot more secure by using the Private message system on AFI, In this manner, personal details are not used, unless either party wish to give them out.

    The contact details for the Kuala Lumpur Public Complaints Bureau (PCB) is below. If you feel ok with sending them details, then I am sure they are capable of putting it together with any other complaints they may have received.

  8. tanzeel

    tanzeel New Member

    i request all the members to complaint to the site given by administrator

    admin is completely write u should n"t give ur info to anyone.but you should do it on individual basis.i have posted this link as evidence.i hope admin doesn't mind that

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