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    Are here:

    Brunei Darussalam
    The Penal Code in English is here:

    China Law online is a good source:
    Chinese is at

    The Asia Pacific Legal Institute has some links to Chinese law resources at

    An English version of the Anti-Money laundering law can be found at:

    The India Code Information System contains all legislation (in English) at:

    The Japanese government website has current laws. It allows you to search for the law by title keywords, full text keywords, broad subjects, and by law number and date. (In Japanese only)

    A section of the Penal Code relating to cybercrime (in English):

    The Library of the National Diet is here but only in Japanese:

    All Singapore statutes can be found at
    They are listed alphabetically. Click on the letter link.
    Applicable in causes of fraud would be the Penal Code (Chapter 224). Chapter XVII (Offenses against Property) , especially § 378 which covers "theft".

    The Vietnamese Penal Code in English is here:
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