Asian Law Societies and Associations

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    Are here:

    The All China Lawyers Association is here in Chinese:
    or English:

    Hong Kong Bar Association is here:

    The Iraqi Bar Association does not have a website (that I have found), but contact information is listed for them as:

    Iraqi Bar Association
    Baghdad, Iraq
    Telephone: +964 1 888 34 77
    Fax: +964 1 884 00 41

    There is supposed to be a website under construction, according to this article from the International Bar Associaiton:

    Japan Federation of Bar Associations, can be found in English here:
    Or in Japanese here:
    Some information about the Japanese court system can be found at

    Korea, South:
    Is here in English:
    Or here in Korean:

    Malaysian Bar is here:

    Singapore, Singapore, Law Society of, is here:
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