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    If you need to contact a police agency in your country, you might find a link here. Please note that we try and keep these links up to date, but if you find a dead link or one that has changed, please PM to admins so we can update them.

    The webpage of the Royal Brunei Police Force is here in English:

    China, (People's Republic):
    The PRC Ministry of Public Security is here in Chinese:

    The Mumbai Police website is here in English:
    The Mumbai Police Cybercrime Ivestigation Cell is at

    The Japanese National Police Agency is here in English:
    or here in Japanese:
    A little about "koban", local police stations, in English:

    Korea (South)
    The Korean National Police agency has an English webpage at
    Also in Chinese:, Japanese:
    Main page in Korean:

    The Royal Malasian Police Website is here in Bahasa Malaysia and English:

    The Philippine National Police webpage is here in English:

    The Singapore Police Force webpage in English is here:
    Information on the Singapore Customs and Excise Department can be found at the Singapore Government site in English:
    Information on the Singapore Central Narcotics Bureau can be found at the Singapore Govenrment site in English at:

    United Arab Emirates (UAE)
    The Website of the Dubai Police General Headquarters is here in Arabic:
    And here in English:
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    Hong Kong: Technology Crime Prevention Unit

    Contact Technology Crime Prevention Unit

    Our full postal address is as follows:

    Technology Crime Prevention Unit,
    Technology Crime Division,
    Commercial Crime Bureau, HKP,
    22/F, Arsenal House,
    Police Headquarters,
    1 Arsenal Street, Wanchai
    Hong Kong.

    Alternatively, the TCPU can be contacted via the following:

    Team OC: Technology Crime Prevention Unit Senior Inspector

    Deputy Unit Head: Technology Crime Prevention Unit Sergeant

    Telephone: (852) 2860 2929

    Fax: (852) 2328 7128
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