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The scammer is actually using the name "David Cyril Hawcroft" as a deceased engineer or other type of person. We've been informed that the photo is NOT the picture of the person who actually sent his passport copy to a scammer. The photo has been overlayed onto an Australian passport template, and it is a different person.


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Cark Krieg

Passport is expired but still being used in a current next of kin scam. The photo may be the original with a new name pasted in.

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Hi all,

Hmmm... may I post as an unregistered user? Ok. This passport is definitely not stolen! It is a fake passport. Just take a look at the numbers in the reading zone: You can see AUS590924 and then the checkdigit 2! But it has to be 5! The same with the expiry date: 070404 and then 0. But there has to be the checkdigit 3!