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    Two fake documents sent as part of a sale of non-existent articles advertised on Internet classifieds. The usual scenario: the seller refers the buyer to a bogus shipping company complete with fake web site and tracking number. You are then asked to pay shipping fees, or a deposit on the purchase price in escrow. This thief uses: Philippe Trochain - [] - Telephone 00229 97267279
    Complete details are in the French section

    This one is from Bénin, scamming mainly in French, however Cameroon criminals are doing the same scam in English. The articles advertised for sale, donation or adoption are Quads, Campers, Cars, Motorcycles, Puppies, Parrots, Capuchin monkeys, and more...


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    Lerochers Motors - Bon de Commande - Quads

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    Benin acte de donation de camping car / caravane

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    Letter of authorisation
    West Africa Clearing House
    Barrister (Mr.) Jackson (Jack) Nurudeen Jaka
    Jubril Amossou, Director General, Foreign Exchange Control & Monitoring Unit, ECOSWAS
    Adbul Maman Tonji, Inspectorate Division, Ministry of Finance Benin

    bn nuradeen jaka.jpg
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    Release of funds, Barrister Moussibai Fagbemi, Benin
    Recieved an e-mail where I was asked to help release funds. According to this "Barrister" he could represent me as "the next of kin"...
    I recieved a Fund release application, a death certificate, a warrant certificate and a affidavit.

    bn hc warrant.jpg
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    Certificate of death
    Engineer Kelley Chris Edward
    Dr. Jubil Ahmed, chief medical director
    Dr. Kola Fumilayo, chief probate officer

    bn death ed.jpg
  7. Phantom

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    cash payment receipt
    Musa Lawfirm and associates

    bn musa recpt.jpg
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    Scammer: Immanuel Chineye
    Continental Bank Benin

    bn continental.jpg
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    M Andrei Volikov UBA False Bank Statement Scams

    United bank for Africa, Benin, has now graduated to providing false bank statements to unsuspecting but gullible victims, telling them that a deceased relative had left a sum of money never announced, and telling the unsuspecting living relative the funds would treated as dormant funds unless fees were remitted in the amount of US$300,000 to a nominated Attorney to place those funds into the custody of the surviving relative ! Copy of fraudulent Bank Statement attached.

  10. Guaranty Trust Bank, Application for Transfer of Funds


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