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  1. Dororo

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    Scammer: Arman Kodjah

    Kodjon Arman.jpg
  2. Central Scrutinizer

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    Sossou Mark
    name on ID: Sossou Mark, of the Progressive Bank, PLC. Director of Operations.
    Scammer: West Tom Exodus

    Sousso Mark.jpg
  3. Poirot

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    Bassole Boureima

    Scammer: Bassole Boureima - Benin School I.D. Card

    Bassole Boureima.jpg
  4. Poirot

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    Scammer Adrien Waman

    Waman Ben.jpg
  5. Poirot

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    Here a copy of a false driver's license used by criminals.

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  6. Spidey

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    Dr. George Ali Usman
    Dr. George Ali Usman, African Development Bank, Benin

    Usman George ALi.jpg
  7. Merovingian

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  8. basenji

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    Jackson Oba, Western Union Benin

    Jackson Oba.jpg
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  10. Hua Mulan

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  12. Nanook

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    Barrister Ashley Metu of Western Union. Nice of him to get all dressed up for an ID card photo.

    bn Ashley Metu.JPG
  13. Central Scrutinizer

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