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  1. Sphinx

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    Received: from ( [])
    From: Bobby Smith
    Date: Mon, 17 Apr 2018
    Subject: l want to transfar an abandoned sum

    Hello Friend,

    l am a banker, i want to transfar an abandoned sum of six point two millions USD to your account, 50% will be for you. No risk involved.

    Contact me for more details on my private emails

    Best regards,
    Mr. Bobby Smith.
  2. Marie

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    Received: from ( [])
    From: Bobby Smith
    Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2018
    Subject: More details of the transaction : 50% will be for you

    Dear Sir,

    I thank you very much for your response, It is a great pleasure hearing from you and I believe that God has a purpose making us to know each other through this medium, Before i tell you more about this transaction let me tell you little more about myself. In a brief, I am Mr. Bobby Smith and I have work under this BTD Bank as an auditor for many years, I am married and blessed with two kids, and we live at N ー28 Avenida GRA Lome Capital City of Togo, My wife work with the University Teaching Hospital here in Lome the capital city of Togo. I know you will be very surprised after going through my previous message because we have never met before, however i came across your contact while searching for the Mr. Thomas Takemoto family and I found you and I decided to contact you to know your opinion, I made my intention open for you to understanding that Mr. Thomas Takemoto a customer to our bank who died few years back in a car accident and left behind the total sum of US$6.2 millions in the dormant account of the bank leaving nobody behind for the claim.

    Normally if something likes this happen bank can only wait for some year for a next of kin to show up and if no claimant come-up bank will end the fund to Debt Re Conversion Department and the account will be closed, now the question is who runs the Debt Re-Conversion Department and who is the Management ? The answer is simple. The Central Bank of the Government. This apex unit confiscates all the unclaimed funds. They are individual and these monies are shared by the board of directors and nobody asks question, In fact these issues are not even discussed outside board meetings.

    But, as the Internal Auditor, and Account Officer to the deceased i decided to make it a deal and invite you as a foreign partner to represent the gap as the Next of kin by forwarding an Application Letter of Claim to the bank for legal approval and transfer of this fund into any of your reliable bank account overseas either in your Country or any part of the World. Due to the fact that you have the same Surname with the deceased and our country inheritance allow claim of funds as long as the last names are the same notwithstanding if it is from birth or marriage which means that even if you are not related to the deceased answering the same Surname alone has legally qualified you to put claim to this fund without any hindrances provided you follow my instructions, directives and put in your maximum assistance and total cooperation to this opportunity.

    Furthermore once you officially apply for the claim, be informed that the entire legal documents that will be needed in this transaction will be legally issued and obtained in your name, which will legalize your position as the heir apparent to the fund according to Financial and Allied Matter Act, and this money (US$6.2 m) will be approve and transfer into your nominated bank account for us to share among ourselves.

    For your information sometimes people deposited money in finance institution without the notice of their relatives, eventually when such people died what do you think happens to their money. Well this is one of the numerous avenues good free money is being generated within and among the officials of the finance institution. However since this opportunity is open to anybody, i do not see anything wrong or fraudulent in what we are doing as long as we are not hurting who should be hurt, In essence I will consider myself the most foolish-man that has ever lived if I have this opportunity and throw it to the wolves, I believe we can successfully archive this goal once we have common understanding and mutual cooperation in the execution of the modalities. Once you indicate your sincere willingness to work with me, I will not hesitate to advise you on how to put claim over this fund as the beneficiary next of kin for the legal approval and transfer of this fund US$6.2millions into your bank account for us to share among ourselves.

    Note that i will be entitled to 50% of the total fund while 50% will be for you. Remain blessed and have a good day
    i hope to hear from you soonest.

    I wait for your response.

    Kind regards
    Bobby Smith
    Tel: +228-798-4 22-32

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