Bunchu Fon Rolly Isaac, Cameroon

Bunchu Fon Rolly Isaac, aka Rolex Rolex L'incontournable, aka Rolly Rolex

Here's another "winner". Criminal Bunchu Fon Rolly Isaac or Rolly Rolex as he likes to be called, to his face anyway. I can imagine what the average Cameroonian think of this little thief who's ruining their country's reputation for his own enrichment. Well Rolly Rolex, you better enjoy your Rolex in Cameroon because you're not likely to have the opportunity to scam from Europe or America anytime soon, I hope you didn't waste your time applying for the 2011 USA Green Card Lottery as other scammers have done, your chance of passing the security check if you won are about as good as you turning honest. In other word...ZERO and that's...how you say...incontournable. Happy trails you little thief of undetermined gender, happy trails!


Rolex Rolex L'incontournable
About Me
Basic Info
Sex: Male
Birthday: August 5
Siblings: Vee Fonrolly
Relationship Status: Single
Interested In: Women
Looking For: Dating
Contact Information
Contact Info
Email: rollyisaac@yahoo.com
Mobile Number: 7031817377



Cameroon scammer Bunchu Fon Rolly Isaac, aka Rolex Rolex L'incontournable, aka Rolly Rolex

Woman's earrings, hat and pink blouse, that's what he spends his stolen money on. What's with all the fifi scammers in Cameroon.​

Scam here;

Vid intresse ring 0044 70-318 173 77
eller maila: astridconstant@in.com
et si vous êtes d accord alors nous allons vous donner les chatons
quand vous voulez d accord?et aussi vous pouvez me contacter
directement a mon numéro a 00447031817377 ou a mon adresse
a astridconstance@in.com
en attente de lire de vous
merci "




Cameroon scammer Bunchu Fon Rolly Isaac, aka Rolex Rolex L'incontournable, aka Rolly Rolex
If you spend your whole life doing nothing but sit in front of a computer and scam like I do, you too can have an effeminate little body like mine and look like my sister. By the way, those are her clothes and earrings I'm wearing. Rolette BUNCHU FON ROLLY ISAAC, professional thief and cross-dresser

De Master Yoda

Staff member
I hear that it is a special cloth called a "Goatse cloth" used to cover the heads of goats if they are too ugly.
He would be ashamed of being seen in public making love to an ugly goat as he has his reputation to think of, hence the covering cloth. :D

Among the goat community he is known as "Randy Retard Rolex"

Sapphire's Strike

Staff member
Thanks for the clarification DMY. Wouldn't you think he would get his teeth seen to? Rolex, gay clothes and all just don't gel with decaying, horrible looking teeth. ;)