Canada: Romance scammer arrested

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    $600K Romance Scam - Neo Black Movement - Black Axe - Canada - Ireland - Nigeria

    Oct 22, 2015
    Akohomen Ighedoise, 41, of Toronto has been charged with laundering the proceeds of crime, fraud over $5,000 and participating in a criminal organization. HANDOUT/Toronto Police Oct 22, 2015 1:03 pm EDT


    A 63-year-old Toronto widow was involved in a “romance scam” in 2014 where she was allegedly defrauded of $609,000, police said on Thursday.

    Toronto police said their investigation centres around the woman, who believed she was in a relationship with someone she met on a dating website.

    “She was informed there was an emergency in some form and assistance was needed,” said Toronto Detective Constable Mike Kelly. “In general there is some form of difficulty in being together … a form of crisis.”

    She was encouraged to pass along money on a false pretence, police allege.

    The woman met the man face-to-face, gave him money in the form of cash and also wired money to him from March to June 2014.

    Police said she was in a vulnerable state and that most people targeted are lonely.

    “[The] woman was involved with a fictional character who doesn’t exist,” said police.

    The man identified himself under the alias of Martin Acker or Martins Acker Jr., and claimed to be a representative of the United Nations. He had had a forged UN identification that dated as far back as 2011.

    ako un id.jpg

    Police said that the woman went to police with the assistance of her family.

    “The net effect of this was economically devastating to her,” Kelly said. “We visited her shortly in the wintertime at her home and the heat was barely on, she was wearing mittens and a hat inside her home.”

    Kelly said that when someone asks to “send money but keep it real quiet,” that it should be a sign that something is wrong.

    “These situations … they are occurring in the city on a regular occurrence,” he said.

    Toronto investigators are working with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and United States Postal Inspection Service on this investigation.

    Kelly said there is not one specific plotline, but that the point is always the same: to get the victim to pass them money. And it can be done through a romance scam or lottery scam.

    Police have linked the accused to a group called the Neo Black movement and believe others are involved.

    The Neo Black movement, also known as The Black Axe, have intimidated and exerted influence on Nigerian people within the Greater Toronto Area.

    “This is a very secretive organization,” said Detective Constable Tim Tortter.

    He added that the group is involved in a wide breadth of crimes including street-level violence and fraud, and that “beating” and “weapons” were used for intimidation in Toronto.

    Akohomen Ighedoise, 41, of Toronto has been charged with laundering the proceeds of crime, fraud over $5,000 and participating in a criminal organization. Police said he is a member of the Neo-Black Movement and he was known as the bookkeeper.

    Ikechukwu Amadi, 34, of Mississauga and Lineo Molefe, 31 of Toronto were arrested and charged in relation to the romance scam with laundering the proceeds of crime and fraud over $5,000.

    The FBI indicted six people involved in wire fraud and money laundering conspiracy, of those six was Ighedoise and Amadi.

    Detective Sgt. Ian Nichol said these offences are committed over the internet and because of this, borders are meaningless to law enforcements.

    Police are asking people to stay in close contact with loved ones, especially if they are lonely or vulnerable.
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    Akohomen Ighedoise, Ikechukwu Amadi and Lineo Molefe, welcome to your new fame.
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    Well done to all involved, more scammer scum arrested. (y)
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    More in the Sun:

    Toronto romance scam linked to global fraud case

    By Kevin Connor, Toronto Sun
    First posted: Thursday, October 22, 2015

    TORONTO - A trio has been charged in a romance scam that left a Toronto widow broke and which police believe is tied to a $6.5-billion fraud ring run by a Nigerian gang.

    The local investigation began in August 2014 when police learned a 63-year-old Toronto widow had been duped out of $609,000 after meeting someone on a dating website.

    Police say one of the suspect’s two accomplices is a member of an organization called the Black Axe or the Neo-Black Movement of Africa, which has “a violent presence” in Nigerian culture and is suspected of running a massive international fraud and money laundering ring.

    “(The Toronto victim) passed along money under false pretences and it was economically devastating to her,” Det.-Sgt. Ian Nichol said.

    He said the woman couldn’t afford to heat her house in the winter of 2014.

    Toronto Police worked with the U.S. postal inspection service and the FBI to identify the suspects in the cross-border money-laundering scam.

    “The offences committed were over the Internet, so international borders are meaningless,” Nichol said.

    Toronto and Peel police executed a search warrant on Oct. 7 and arrested Ikechukwu Amadi, 34, of Mississauga, and Lineo Molefe, 31, of Toronto, for their alleged roles in the romance scam. Both are charged with laundering the proceeds of crime and fraud over $5,000.

    Police also arrested Akohomen Ighedoise, 41, of Toronto. They allege Ighedoise is a high-ranking member of the Black Axe who was laundering money for the organization and trying to intimidate members of the Nigerian community in the GTA.

    “(The Black Axe) is a Nigerian fraternity that descended into street gangs ... It’s a very secretive organization involved in street-level violence to fraud,” Det.-Const. Tim Trotter said.

    “I can’t say their numbers, but they have a presence in Toronto and Vancouver.”

    Ighedoise is charged with laundering the proceeds of crime, fraud over $5,000 and participating in a criminal organization.

    Police also allege Ighedoise used fake UN identification with the alias Martin Acker to carry out frauds.

    All three face extradition to the U.S. after their Canadian cases.

    Police believe there are more victims and ask anyone with information to call 416-808-7824 or Crime Stoppers at 416-222-TIPS (8477).
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    How low can a scammer go! Then they say scamming is a victim-less crime. The innocent suffer just so these low life's can wear more bling! :mad:
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    Akohomen Ighedoise, Ikechukwu Amadi and Lineo Molefe (among others)? Pretty low. But now it's Bubba Time.
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    @Akohomen Ighedoise, Ikechukwu Amadi and Lineo Molefe.

    You do de sting,
    to wear more bling.
    Now you pay,
    de bubba way.
    You done de swagger,
    Now you be his fagger.
    Tell ur oga you did de crime,
    Now with Bubba you spend de time.
    Now you pay for de seeds you sow,
    Cos now Big Bubba make you his Hoe. :ROFLMAO:
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    Do they get bail?
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    No they do not get bail. They are considered to be flight risks. They might flee from justice. Also there is an extradition request from USA pending. So even when their case is finished with Canada their problems won't be over. They were bad boyz. ;)
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    I think that with figures of 5 BILLION being mentioned , if convicted I cannot see these guys seeing the light of day for many years.
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    Well, a few years at least, if convicted.
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    Bloody hell. Ireland too?
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    I think it was a victim in Ireland.
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    Just the tip of the iceberg.
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    And's extradition time!

    Scam artist who posed as fictitious soldier faces extradition


    In the end, Lt. Gen. “William R. Douglas” was no officer.

    And he was no gentleman.

    A devastated Toronto widow discovered her online sweetheart — Lt. Gen. Douglas — was actually a fictitious character, but her financial losses were painfully real.

    Romance scam artist Akohomen Ighedoise broke her heart and plundered her bank account for $609,000.

    Police said she was so broke she scrambled to pay her heating bills in the winter of 2014. She never met him.

    Ighedoise admitted Tuesday that he defrauded the Toronto widow by posing as Gen. Douglas, the American soldier stranded in the Middle East.

    Ighedoise pretended to be Douglas’ pal, a UN delegate named Martin Acker Jr. Posing as Acker, Ighedoise paid his victim three visits in Toronto and another visit in Dublin, Ireland to pick up huge sums of cash.

    The victim, now 65, who has a PhD, has done some work with the UN, said Crown attorney Renna Weinberg in reading an agreed statement of facts.

    The money was meant to pay for certificates and fees so that officer Douglas could join his new love in Toronto, said Weinberg.

    After the first visit on March 26, 2014, the victim complained to her purported boyfriend that “Acker” never showed any ID or a receipt for the $11,000 she gave him, said Weinberg.

    “Acker” showed the victim a UN Identification Card on the next visit in April 2014 and signed a receipt for the $68,000 US she gave him, court heard.

    A few days later, the victim met Acker again in Dublin and gave him 8,500 Euros ($12,938 Cdn).

    She returned home, took out a mortgage on her home and cashed in her investments so she could wire transfer him almost $500,000.

    In total, she handed him $109,415 in cash and wired $499,957 to other unknown associates in Asia linked to this fraud within three months, court heard.

    Douglas promised to show up at the end of June 2014 but never did. No money has been recovered, court heard.

    Ighedoise was sentenced by Justice Timothy Lipson to the equivalent of two years imprisonment and the fraudster was ordered to repay $609,000.

    Instead of walking free out of the courthouse afterwards, the Markham man was re-arrested on an extradition warrant to the U.S.

    Police alleged Ighedoise and five others are indicted on a $5-billion fraud ring run by the infamous Black Axe Nigerian crime gang.

    Ighedoise, a member of Black Axe, and “Ike” Derek Amadi, 35, who’s not a Black Axe member, are facing extradition.

    Ighedoise will be back at Superior Court on Feb. 16 to set a date for his extradition hearing while Amadi will return on March 9. Court documents allege Amadi is facing a prison sentence of between 15 and 20 years for his American crimes.

    BLACK AXE 101

    Akohomen Ighedoise is a high-ranking member of the “Black Axe,” which is often called the “Nigerian Mafia.”

    Black Axe or Neo Black Movement members are involved in drug trafficking, human smuggling, prostitution, fraud, money-laundering and murder in countries around the world.

    The criminal organization is widely feared in Nigeria, where Black Axe members are suspected of murdering scores of people every year, court documents alleged.

    “It has tentacles in Canada and offices in every major city around the world,” said Det. Const. Michael Kelly of the Toronto Police Service’s Financial Crimes Unit.

    Ighedoise is listed as a director and is the Black Axe Canada zone treasurer, responsible for keeping financial records and collecting members’ dues.

    Officers busted Ighedoise in August 2014 at Pearson airport for having counterfeit credit cards.

    Further investigations by various forces helped the FBI pinpoint who was orchestrating a $5-billion fraud in the U.S. through various schemes, including wire transfer frauds and romance scams, said Kelly.

    These search warrants on Ighedoise’s electronic devices also led investigators to a Toronto widow, who had reported being fleeced out of $609,000 in a romance scam by Ighedoise, who posed as a retired American soldier.

    Ighedoise became a Black Axe member in 1996, a permanent resident of Canada in 2003 and a Canadian citizen in 2007.

    The victim remains terrified and wishes to remain anonymous. The groups is also known for extorting cash by intimidating wealthy Nigerian immigrants in the GTA, the documents stated.

    A Black Axe member named Norense Irabor, 28, was deported to Nigeria from Toronto after he admitted to beating, kidnapping and threatening to kill a hostage in Toronto.
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    Well done to all involved in getting these scumbags arrested. :)

    More and more scamming parasites are now finding out that crime does not pay and are finding themselves in a cold prison cell. :D


    Black Axe gang member Akohomen Ighedoise is shown on a monitor during a Toronto police news conference in 2015. Ighedoise has admitted that he defrauded a Toronto widow by posing as Gen. Douglas, the American soldier stranded in the Middle East. (POSTMEDIA NETWORK/FILES)
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    Ighedoise- he will not be missed.
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