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AOG International
This is a real company that is being used by scammers for some reason. This document may contain some real information but it is used for a false purpose.



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Employment Offer - Offer of Appionment
"Offer" from Canada, sent to a victim in Gambia
Name used: Rose C .......
Scammer: Jahjiru Okome

CFWRPA Assessment Form 2
CFWRPA Assessment Form No.2 - Canada
Nice holiday wreath.

CFW Holiday.jpg

Hotel Finder, Montreal
The famous Hotel Finder. Very popular here.
Omni Hotel Job Offer Letter, Montreal Canada

Hotel Finder.jpg


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Offer of appointment (or Appiontment)
Fake Hotel employment scam
Hotel Omni, Montreal
Scammer: Jahjiru Okome

Appionment Jenny.jpg

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Cruise Lines employment
This looks like a little gem from our Poster Boy.... Jahjiru Okome ,
Dorris Grand, main scammer
CruiseShip Centers International, Suite 400, 1055 West Hastings Street, Vancouver BC V6E 2E9
Dr. Franklyn Jonny, Cruise Ship director

Cruise Line.jpg
Univers Loterie Canada (Used in a French language lottery scam)
Complete with a Canadian flag, some U.S. seal and a Canadian postage stamp. Nothing else spells official like that does eh.

Univers Loterie.jpg
Canada Promotional Draws Commission. Signed by Woodrow Wilson himself! Of course he was American and he's been dead like 80 years but still, it's official. Canada lottery so contact your agent in South Africa.

Jones Radebe, [] []
Mrs. jean Chatzky, zonal coordinator, 1-270-897-3411