Captain James Harry, US Military in Syria

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  1. This captain James Harry is deployed on syria . he's hes from Minneapolis asking for $ 680 for the government release hes granted to return home but something call my atenciĆ³n he ask to send money to a person in Michigan .person receivers name Melinda Culp the she is the united national government receiver . i really need your help pleased .this is his email address i goggle this email but not info came out. really appreciate youre help
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    Like yourself, we have been unable to find anything at the moment. That does not mean this guy is not scammer. From the information you have provided we can confirm that the tactics he is using are those of a scammer.
    This man may have taken on a new ID to scam with. Perhaps he has been rumbled too many times on an old ID.
    We would suggest that you cease all contact with this person, their only aim is to take money from you. He will tell several fairy tales, do not believe him.
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