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    Date: Tue, 3 Apr 2012
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    Subject: Program Overview, April, 2012
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    *Program Overview, April, 2012*
    You may request the following programs
    1. Program Overview, April 2012
    2. Private Placement Programs--there are numerous excellent programs
    available from the top licensed traders in the world including Bullet, 40
    week and Evergreen programs.
    3. Lease Program #51--this is a much improved up-dated program to lease
    bank instruments at 6% + 2% to clients worldwide. $10 million to $50
    Billion. No front fee.
    4. Private Placement Program #13b for $2 million to no upper limit. Cash
    only. Pays weekly for 40 weeks
    5. Managed Account #8a. Has been updated. Accepts $20,000 or multiples
    thereof. No upper limit. Pays weekly for 40 weeks or longer
    Has successful track record and satisfied clients who are getting paid.
    6. Petroleum Products for Sale from a Russian Refinery #3511. Has just
    been updated with new product and price list. The Refinery is is one of
    Russia's largest and well established Oil Companies. Most prices are lower
    than from other sources. We are direct.
    7. Historical Asset and Heritage Fund Redemption and Trade Program #53f.
    This program has a time limit of April 15, 2012. So you must hurry to use
    8. Ruble vs USD or EURO Exchange Program #3631. Ruble are offered from
    Russia's largest bank, SBERBANK, at 30% gross, 10% net discount. Unlimited
    amounts of Ruble are available. Program is approved by the Russian
    9. Program #16d--10 Day Bullet Program for $300M and up. High returns.
    See PPP list
    10. Loan Program #104--has success track record of funding hundreds of
    companies worldwide. $100,000 to $500 million. Funding available for
    virtually any project or purpose.
    11. Currency Exchange--currently there are ten USD providers that will
    exchange USD for EURO at discount. All procedures available except SPV.
    Easy application procedure. Ask for Bulletin #81b, #9 and #9a
    Charles E. Krauser, President
    E-Mail []
  2. Agus Pramono

    Agus Pramono Guest

    I missed communication with you since June 2014. I hopes you gives me your appologize if I dont get the client who participate PPP from you. Now I've project investment for purpose bounded zone in West Java Province in Indonesia. About 20,000 Hectare investment project need to clearence
  3. Miyuki

    Miyuki Administratrix Staff Member

    This is a scam format Agus. There is no investment money here for you.
  4. Agus Pramono

    Agus Pramono Guest

    Thanks for your info.
    Give me your suggestion if I will communicate again with Mr. Krauser after get approval from him. Eg. You submit new email from him or other media communication you have. Thanks for your help
  5. De Master Yoda

    De Master Yoda Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Agus as Miyuki says this is a scam. Thaipol has posted a copy of this email scam to warn people. Please stop all contact with Charles E. Krauser. He is only contacting you to steal your money.

    All he says is a lie. Please do not fall for his scam.

    IniadalahtipuanuntukmencuriuangAnda. TolongHentikansemuakontakdengan-nya.Terima kasih.
  6. ThaiPol

    ThaiPol Ninja

    very strange it seems as if scammers regardless of nationality become nomadic and their spread takes them to pastures suitable for scamming and where law enforcement is weak at catching scammers as the other more visible criminals are taking up their time. Malaysia and especially Indonesia are scammer favorites for many reasons. Indonesia has sadly imported some powerful scam groups from around the planet, of course once they learn what is going on at higher echelons those scammers will continue fleeing around the planet
  7. SkyBart

    SkyBart Guest

    Can I know more about Charles.. because right now one off my clik use to deal with him
  8. Sapphire's Strike

    Sapphire's Strike Administrator Staff Member

    @ SkyBart - All the information we have is posted is on this thread. You are advised to tread with caution, you are dealing with a scammer, people lose money.

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