Chief Maya.

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    www.chiefmaya. co. nf/
    Another scammer using yet another fake title to try to lend credibility to his scams.
    Chief of WHAT?

    "Break a Hex Voodoo Mojo Hand Curse Removal Spell"
    Hey fake spell caster if I have lost my mojo can you help find it?

    "Hajat Hanifah has helped many people in chasing away the evil that has been laid on you. Eradicate the bad vibes and debilitating negativity that have plagued you."

    I thought you said your name was Chief Maya?
    It is hard to remember who you are when you lie so much.

    Just another fake and low life scammer out to steal money.

    "About Me
    My works is a mixture of African traditional spiritualism, sangoma powers, rituals, native healing, spell casting AND SCAMMING"
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