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    GhanaGeria Sending Lads Out On A Ghey Safari

    Not sure where to file this one. A bit bizarre. A juju scam? What oyinbo maggar would respond to or even know what this is all about?

    IP Address
    Location [IMG][/IMG] United States, California, Sunnyvale
    Latitude, Longitude 37.401247, -122.007521 (37°24'4"W -122°0'27"N)
    Connection through Inktomi Corporation
    from: chima godsrich
    subject: This is reality Confidential deal,i disclosed to you.

    Dear Urban Mummy,greetings,

    The a.k.a commission and their night advocate are dead in wendsday faithful night Lome-Togo 2003,After their dead,through oracle help,i discover there is some money $2m Dollars in brown briefcase for me,at dome Ghana India ocean oracle of riches,for me to represented my Father,in done urban native doctor society&club 2018 with the $2m in my brown briefcase,due to she is the one to take care of me in rep of Ghana,with my yearly sacrifices of male ram and female sheep to urban Great Indian Queen of oceans in dome Ghana with 20% and 80% for me and i invest wisely.and i need my 80% right now Urban Mummy,contact me at for more procedure.
    Mr, Chima Chikwadom

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