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    chris williams (
    He said that He lives in Menphis Tennessee but the mail came from:

    Received: from [] by via HTTP; Wed, 23 Sep 2009 00:49:01 PDT
    X-Mailer: YahooMailClassic/7.0.14 YahooMailWebService/0.7.347.2

    IP Address Location
    IP Address
    City Accra
    State or Region Greater Accra
    Country Ghana
    ISP Ghana Telecom ADSL Dynamic Address Expanded Pool.

    He wrote:
    Hope you are fine,I had internet problems that was why i left online.You are really a beautifull woman and i would love to get to know you.Takecare and hope to chat with you soon.

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    chris williams (

    Received: from [] by via HTTP; Mon, 21 Sep 2009 15:29:06 PDT
    Date: Mon, 21 Sep 2009 15:29:06 -0700 (PDT)
    From: chris williams <>
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    Same picture diferent name..

    david4ever , 54 years old from Nashville, TN

    am a loving , Natural, Supportive, Faithful, Merry, Open-minded, Optimistic, Outgoing, Hard working, Impulsive, Sentimental, Active, Permissive,I Love good filrms and good music.I am an outdoor kind of guy.Camping is my favorite thing to do and dancing on the weekends is something I would like to start doing.I am an average guy.Friends say I am handsome and have pretty eyes.I usually wear short hair with a trimmed gotee.Sometimes I grow my hair really long untill I cant stand it anymore.People say I look good with the long hair also, but i prefer short.i would really love to meet a woman with the following, Trustworthy, Honest, Romantic, Passionate, Educated, Humorous, Proud, Supportive, Faithful, Open-minded, Reserved, Optimistic, Ambitious, Adventurous, Active, High-spirited, Elegant, Attractive, Tender, Curious woman...i mean the woman who would love me for the rest of my life.

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    Romance Scammer Info

    Found me on facebook. Goes by the name Chris Williams. Says his parents were Americans that raised him in Norway. Says that his parents and wife died in a car accident in his home state of California and that he is raising his son Jackson alone. He supposedly owns a construction bussiness and travels to many countries and is now in Nigeria. Wants money to get him and his son home to US. Promises to pay it back. Promises to love you forever and take "good proper care of you" with his Norwegian accent.

    Yahoo IM Chris Williams
    Phone Number 2347081011285
    Other Phone Number 2347086576767
    Western Union Address to send money
    50 Broad Street
    Ikeja Lagos Nigeria

    This is probably not what he looks like. I have seen on other sites different pics of the same 2 people being used in scams.
    He starts out by asking for small amounts of money at first then more and more. DO NOT TRUST!!!
  5. Wonderwoman

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    Hi air_labrat,

    I am sorry this man contacted you, good you found AFI, WELCOME!!!

    more info:


    Full name
    Chris Williams

    Display name


    Los Angeles, California

    Member since: 02/14/2009

    The profile picture is one man with one child.


    Another site show the profile of a white woman, maybe 40 years old, but the profile says 31, with the same <>
  6. air_labrat

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    Thanks for the Welcome. Sorry to meet under these circumstances... LOL
  7. air_labrat

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    Ok so in Early June I started getting friend requests and messages on Facebook from strange men in foreign countries. I ignored them all because it just seemed creepy. Then I got one from a farily good-looking man from California. His name is Chris Williams. The message wasn't as foward as the others so I messaged back and accepted the friendship. We started IMing on Yahoo, chatting for hours, trading pics, and life stories.
    I thought maybe I should do some investigative work just to make sure. I didn't have a real reason per se but it couldn't hurt. So I messaged 2 of his friends on facebook to ask about his character. The one said she never met him but that he always seemed nice when they talked. The other was strange. It was a pic of a blonde white girl but the message I got back was someone whose first language was not English and then Chris messaged me and was very upset that I was asking around about him. He said that this friend said he should not deal with me anymore because I was obviously jealous and I didnt trust him. He made a huge fuss about me contacting her and he wanted to know who else I contacted. I repeatedly apologized and regained his trust.
    I then asked for some other information about him. His address in the US, his bussiness name (he told me he owned his own bussiness and that was why he was in Nigeria). He gave me the address of his house in California but not the one in Florida because he said that he was letting his uncle live there. Apparently this was supposedly the only family he had contact with. His wife and parents died in a car accident and his cousins are all assholes and they dont speak. He took his son, Jackson, with him to Nigeria as he was supposedly going to be there for 3 months. The bussiness name I did find on the Better Bussiness Bureau website.
    First he asked for $100 to pay the interent bill so that we could stay in touch. Yes, I paid it. I figured that wasn't a lot and even if it was a scam it wasn't so much to be upset about.
    Then a couple more weeks went by and we were planning our life together. He was going to come straight to see me when his bussiness was done. He was going to convince my family that he was going to love me and take care of me forever. Then the day that he got paid for his work there he got a check for $350,000.00. But couldn't cash it and had no cash to buy plane ticket home for him and Jackson. I sent $1,300 one week and 2 weeks later $1,800. He promised he would pay off my house and all of my bills and that he would take care of me and I would never have to work again. This was all of my money I earned working both of my jobs for an entire month.
    Then came the time he was supposed to be leaving Nigeria. He emailed me a copy of an itinerary from KLM so that I would be able to pick him up at the airport. Then 1 hour before the flight was due to leave Nigeria he emailed me about the ITA of $3,500. I told him that there was no way I could get that kind of money. He asked me to borrow it from friends or take out a loan. He said that I didn't have to give them the money they just had to see it before he boarded the plane so they knew he would be taken care of when he got back to the US. At first I thought they were just trying to scam him at the airport. When I mentioned that he got very defensive and said "I deal with people everyday. You dont think I know if I am being scammed?" At this point I broke out in a sweat. I knew I would never see my money again or him ever. That everything was a lie. I was so excited to meet the man of my dreams. I started learning Norwegian because he knew it. I told everyone I knew about him. I was head over heels and now it was all gone. I paid $3,200to have someone lie to me for 8 weeks about loving me.
    I told him that the ITA was fake. He insisted it wasnt. I said go to the US Embassy and they will help you and Jackson get home. The next day I get a call from his number from someone saying that they are from the US Embassy and that the ITA was real. I yelled at them and hung up. He called back 2 more times and I hung up on him each time. About an hour later, Chris calls and asked me if I believed him now about the ITA and if I would please help him get home because he wants to be with me. I told him I would see what I can do just to get him off of the phone. I ignored all messages and calls from him for about 5 days. The first day he called me 15 times. By the 5th day we were down to 3 times. About the 6th day I saw him online and decided to see how I could play with his emotions. I told him that I had been in the hospital. He said oh no baby. I should be there with you. Not once did he ask me what happened or why or how long I was there or if I was better. I told him that I tryed to kill myself because he hurt me so bad and I couldnt live without him. He still never asked about me. It was baby if you show the ITA I can get there to be with you. When you type out Initial Travelling Allowance into google this site come up and another one does too. Apparently he has been posted on that site for a while and actually sent them a reply about what they wrote on him "To Pig Busters: plz dont u ever send a scam list on my page because i never ask ur fu*king mother or family for any money u bit*h". I copied and pasted it to him. He got mad and said that he can't believe I insulted him that way and I missed out on a great guy. He has not yet tryed to contact me again. My life is peaceful but scary. The money I sent was all of my bill money for the month of July. No mortgage payment, no car payment,etc. I have decided that there is no one to be mad at but myself for this mess. I got myself in it and will get myself out of it. Whenever anyone asks me if I sent money I always say No to avoid that tongue lashing but I know people are suspicious of how much I am working and borrowing $20here or $40 there. Oh well...don't ask don't tell. My life is completely upside down financially.
    Please dont let this happen to you or anyone you know.
  8. Wonderwoman

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    It is very sad that there are criminals whom play with feelings of good people.

    I say criminals because scammers are criminals. They use false names, photographs stolen from Internet sites, they lie and fabricate stories, fortunately they have no brains and we can detect their frauds.

    You'll be amazed to know who is behind those beautiful words of love they are generally people without values and do not like work.

    I know that your economic situation will improve soon, and the wound in the heart heal with time.

    I recommend you check the information at Welcome Forum.

    Thank you very much for your courage to publish your history. Good Luck!
  9. air_labrat

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    Thanks Wonderwoman. The scammer has since tryed to contact me again. I dont answer the phone calls but I chatted last night with this person. I told them that I knew everything and if he had any conscience at all they would send my money back. Not that I thought he would but I figured asking couldnt hurt. :p
    The scammer still will not admit what he is. He is sticking by his sob story of being stuck in Nigeria and still asking me for help. I just got frustrated and logged out. You would think that they would just move on and find someone else. THE JIG IS UP! But I guess he still feels like there is a chance to get money out of me. Oh well. He'll get the hint sooner or later I hope.
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    Scammer Details when punishment time comes

    To fully punish a scammeroonian it is necessary to post his or her SIS (Scammer Information Summary) this should include details such as name, emails, skype ID, numbers etc LEOs (Law Enforcement Officers) often visit sites such as this one to gather further intelligence on their targets.
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    my friend met someone online says he was in the army and his name was mark it started with a top up for his phone and my friend sent him £20 when she told me i said you dont send anything like that but it has fallen on deaf ears he asked for more money by this time my friend was hooked and even thou she didnt have the money she took a loan out for £4000 over 7 yrs and sent it then i showed her a programe on bbc 1 called love scams it was all about men saying they were from the US army but it was a scam she saw she cryed and said sorry i said i would help report it and got all the informion to do so but when i went to her house she was til chatting to him

    even today he has asked for more money (£400) for a flight to come see her i know in my heart she will send it as she says to me she will not give him up as she likes to chat to him as she lives alone i fear she will loses her job and her new house if she cant see thou this man i need some help i have even been to the police but if she doesnt want to report it there is nothing they can do i also took her to church to try and open her eyes to all this but as i have said its all fallen on deaf ears and am lost in what i can do nowto help her apart from prayer....anyone out there with an answer????:(
  12. Central Scrutinizer

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    If she isn't going to file a report there isn't anything the police can do.

    One of the admins can try and contact her but if she isn't going to listen to you she may not listen to anyone else. If you can get her reading about romance scams maybe something will click in her mind eventually and she will understand it.
  13. MS. DOM

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    Hello I wanted to know do you have a picture of your chris? I talk to a Chris an we are just friends but I wanna make sure he is not the man who did you like this.
  14. Central Scrutinizer

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    That was 6 years ago. The original poster probably isn't around any more. So no pictures of anyone. Sorry. It would be nice to have some.
  15. Geri

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    Wow. I have a guy right now. Says he's in the military. From Sanfransico California. Has obvious United kingdom accent in writing. I also believe him to be the same guy who scamed me out of 700 dollars 10 yrs ago. His name then was Daniel Williams. The audacity of this person. The guy now is Chris Alan Williams.
  16. Heavenly_Mom11

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    Hello. Thank you for posting your story because I am involved with him right now. I did not send as much money as you and thankful that when I did try it all came back. Still after showing him this site he denies it is him. I am totally convinced now that he is a con man. I intend to play along with the game just to see how long he will talk to me without sending him money. But on second thoughts I think its best to just ignore him altogether. Same stories he told you he is telling me. I was warned by my children and glad I did the research and confirmed what my heart already knew.
  17. Heavenly_Mom11

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    I have pics
  18. Central Scrutinizer

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