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    Return-Path: <>
    Received: from ([])
    From: vincent Eze <>
    Subject: Attn: Friend / Any of his relative PLEASE CONFIRM IF MR. IKER, IS A MEMBER OF YOUR FAMILY
    Date: Tue, 20 Dec 2016

    Attn: Friend / Any of his relative PLEASE CONFIRM IF MR. IKER, IS A MEMBER OF YOUR FAMILY

    Some months ago, your attorney wrote to us that you had a motor accident which affected your spinal cord. He requested that we should not contact you so as to give you time for full recovery while he takes care of your payment logistics. Just last weeks, your attorney came to notify us that you were dead. He said you that died as a result of spinal injury you sustained in the accident. It is sad and shocking to hear from your attorney that you were dead about the time every obligation towards release of your fund has been completed. We hope there isn't any foul play to your death. Your attorney brought to our office one Mr. IKER, whom he introduced as your relative to now receive your funds.

    Since you delegated the chores of your payment logistics to your attorney before the accident, we didn't have cause to interact with you directly as much until your death. It is our standard procedure to write the email address of any deceased whenever we get a report of death for affirmation that the person is indeed dead because strange things do happen especially when money is involved. Experience has taught us that the closest relative of the deceased mostly and often take control of the deceased email account after death because most people that died relinquishes their private and vital information to their closest relations during the course of sickness.

    We only got to know Mr. Iker through your attorney and need a confirmation from any of your family member that he is indeed a true relation. This is to avoid any kind of unauthorized payment or diversion of payment in collusion with the attorney. Whosoever that has taken possession of this email account after the death of the real owner should as a matter of urgency get back to us. If after two weeks we fail to get a reply, we will assume that the death report as received through the attorney is true and we will accept Mr. Iker as the true relation of the deceased and make payment to him. We commiserate with the family for this great loss.

    Mr. Christian Joseph
    Communication Director, CBN

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