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Nigeria, Lagos, Airtel Networks Limited

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Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2018

This is to inform you that we have concluded plans to finally transfer your fund to you but we cannot make this transfer without hearing from you and confirming that you are ready to accept the fund.We are also aware of the issues you had with the various department asking for money which has been resolved at the moment and we would advise you get back to this office immediately so that we can move ahead for the transfer.You are not expected to make anymore payment whatsoever on this transfer for any reason because as we speak the fund is ready to be transferred to any of your nominated Bank account or delivered to your doorstep as you wished.

Please download the attachment and make sure you login this your email ID and Password to confirm you are the through beneficiary of the funds.You should not worry for this file is encrypted and your information is secured.We therefore urge you to proceed now and login this your email information and every other email information you have been scammed from and then you will get access too your transfer code number which you will go to your bank with for them to confirm you are expecting a transfer.Please make sure you use the correct email information t login in.

IF YOU OPEN THE DOCUMENT NAMED CITI THEN CLICK ON VIEW FILE HERE AND YOU WILL BE DIRECTED TO THE LOGIN PAGE. Make sure you use your correct email information for login then you will be directed to your tracking details for pick up.