Claire Lawrence Barnett, Afghanistan

I don't find this name in a Search here. I'm a male. The name and photos are a real female Sgt. The scammer claims claims she is on combat patrol in Kabul. I checked, US combat ended in 2014-15. The odd thing is, she sent me an audio, after I demanded a video of her. Very foreign voice, but there's gunfire in the background. The scam's claim is we caught an enemy, and he had hidden crude oil worth millions. Her share is $3.8 million. There's even a photo of a buried box full of stacks of $50's and $100's, but marked with a wrap that has the word Security on it. I think that means it belongs to the Military Police. You can see uniformed legs around the open box. She wants me, a total stranger, to receive her box of money, to be sent by diplomatic courier, which has immunity. Of course, there's the usual "I love you, and am coming to marry you when my tour is finished in a few months".
Even odder is I've accused her twice of being a scammer, explained how impossible it is to hide that much oil, and sell it, and there's no oil wells in that region. But she still continued with the scam. Maybe she's new at it, and stupid.
She insists on getting my full name and address. Another odd thing, she hasn't asked for money yet. And I already asked, does this involve me paying a courier fee beforehand.
I've had several romance scams, both from Accra and a real American young sexy white woman. So I don't lose any more money.
Anyone ever seen it this strange?

Sapphire's Strike

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@Idea-Man Welcome to AFI. You may find similar photo's you describe here: The mention of trunk boxes full of money is not uncommon, nor are their use in many scams. :sneaky: Trunk boxes galore here

Lots of scammers don't know how to use Western names. We see surnames used as first names, and first names used as the surname. Obviously the "lady" who is attempting to scam you doesn't realize "Lawrence" is a male forename, also a common surname in UK.
Thanks S S. ... It would be great if there was a page here with all of the photos instead of one by one posts.

The "Lawrence" name was supposed to be her maiden, although I first asked that. The name, Barnett, matches the name tag in one of the photos. There's 2 Facebook pages of the same woman soldier. But the scammer only had control of one. So the other appears real, but I haven't gotten an answer to a Friend Request yet. I'm trying to contact the real Claire.
This woman, Claire Barnett, is no ordinary scammer. She has not asked for money. She has kept with me daily for a long time even after I accused her of being a scammer.
She could be a terrorist trying to smuggle explosives into the US, using me as the "mule" who would get arrested if discovered. I don't think she could be literally insane. Can't figure it out. She's only repeatedly asking for my name/address to send a package to.


Hii :)
My dad was in the same situation. A woman called Kimberlee Barnett contacted him and wanted to send a box full of money to our house. He is the nicest person and believed her. My sister and I told him so many times its a scam but he didn't believe us. I found out there is not only 2 but like 10 other profiles with the same pictures and I also found the real one. It's not the one you said, I guess that was also a scam account. I found other scam account with the names Michelle, Adria and Barbara. We reported the one account my dad was talking to and it was removed. The scammer made the same one again but we reported that one again and it was also removed. Luckily my dad believes us now.

Sorry for my bad English I'm Swiss and it's not my first language. I just thought you wanted to know about this and I don't want anyone else to get in this situation.

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This woman, Claire Barnett, is no ordinary scammer. She has not asked for money. She has kept with me daily for a long time even after I accused her of being a scammer.
She could be a terrorist trying to smuggle explosives into the US, using me as the "mule" who would get arrested if discovered. I don't think she could be literally insane. Can't figure it out. She's only repeatedly asking for my name/address to send a package to.
Many scammers have lots of scams on the go at the same time and can afford to wait until they have convinced people to believe them. So it can take some time before they ask for money .

Many scammers use prepared scripts so will ignore things like your accusation that he/she is a scammer, and will just keep to their prepared script. Remember that English is usually not their first language so they stick to their scripts.

It is unlikely that he/she is a terrorist trying to smuggle explosives into the USA. The scammers SOLE aim is to steal money.

@SarahMT94 Welcome to AFI. I am glad that you and your sister managed to convince your father that it was a scam. Good work.

Your English is fine, thank you for using English.
We are an international website and are very tolerant of others languages. (y)
SarahMT94 ... Thank you. Now I'm getting somewhere. And I repeat Yoda, your English is nearly perfect. I feel ashamed that other countries need to learn English. I'm in the US.
Yes, I've seen the "box of money" theme 2-3 times here. But what was the excuse for asking for money from your father? For Postage?
I've experienced several scammers. They seem to be quick about it, and give up if you don't believe them. I've gotten two audio recordings from this Barnett name. There was gunfire in the background. This one is really different. She's wasted far too much time if it's only to get postage money. I've even sarcastically asked her: "does this involve me paying postage".
She has finally stopped now after I emailed that I must worry about her being a terrorist trying to ship explosives into the US. This lasted much, much longer than usual. Still never once asked for money.

I'm going to try to find a place on here to post my other recent scam. There are more serious ones. This one was actual Russian organized crime. It involved about six female emails, total, telling me they got my email from a marriage agency. They started directly to my email, not from a singles site. They were all Russian. The main one was supposed to be a doctor who received grant money to train in the US. It included the typical "I'm single. I've fallen in love with you. I want to live with you". I got phone calls from Russian numbers, one female and one male claiming to be an official. I worked in hospitals, and was checking on everything. I knew it was all wrong. But I was never asked for money. Finally I got sent, from a name and address in California, a professional, real check from a US company. I knew it must be a forgery, took it to my bank, and they verified that it was a forgery. It was from a real company, complete with account number and everything. This was really organized crime. The scam was, hurry deposit it and Western Union me the money (before it's found to be a forgery). I was too smart for them. The check envelope even included a copy of the woman's passport photo page, matching the email photos. This was really professional, not like the African ones.

Hii :)
My dad was in the same situation. QUOTE]

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A note on receiving cheques from scammers. The cheques will be either stolen or forged.

In certain parts of the USA it is an offense to have in your POSSESSION a fraudulent instrument and can attract a jail term of up to fifteen years. so PLEASE no one ever try to cash them.

You can contact your local police or bank manager or if they came via mail your local postal inspectors who are very good with these things.

If possible please take along hard copies of the emails etc as this helps in proving your case. Thank you.

Regarding Russian romance scammers, while there are female 0nes there are many male scammers pretending to be female. In many cases you are not talking to naughty but nice Natasha but in fact big hairy Boris, using female photographs.
This can be a little off putting to most males!
Yes, Yoda, I think the female was a male. "Her" voice on the phone sounded like a typical young male imitating a female voice, that artificial high-pitched voice.

I tried reporting it to the FBI. The secretary wouldn't take it because it started with email. Sent me to the IC3 site. I reported it there. Got no calls from any police authority. I also reported it, online, to the Postal Inspector. No response. Seems nobody cares about a forged check, with all of the terrorism going on.
I did talk to the city police. I told him that I thought that I would have been arrested if I hadn't been smart enough to not deposit it. He said "maybe not".
I finally got to the end of the Claire Barnett scam. It's out of Malaysia, not Afghanistan, and is a group involving a phone call from a man. They are remarkably stupid. It went for 1 1/2 month, and I indicated several times that I know about scams, and I know about asking for fees for a supposed shipment of boxes of money.
The boxes were supposed to be shipped with diplomatic secrecy. They have a poorly completed website of the supposed courier, that included a tracking number with entries. The supposed shipment ended in Malaysia, where they said the money was found, which is not allowed. They then asked for a $3150 fee to release the boxes of money. It's pretty professional. They have a US bank account with a man's name and number. I'll report the scam to that bank.
Sorry Sapphire, I didn't get a notice of your post.
This is the website:
I think it's an imitation of a similar name real transport company. The odd thing is the domain name SITE. I've never seen that domain name before.
Here's a copy of the supposed notice from Malaysia.
We wish to inform you that, your Package coming from Mr CLAIRE LAWRENCE BARNETT with instructions to deliver in your home address has been placed on
hold by the MALAYSIAN AUTHORITIES As the goods were brought at checking point during Computer Scanning, the MALAYSIAN AUTHORITIES detected that
currency or cash money were included in your parcel. This is highly prohibited and out of the MALAYSIAN, rules and regulations of the EXPRESS LOGISTIC POST SERVICE . there for you are advice to make a payment of ($3,150 USD ) for the Clearance And Administration fee of your parcel from the AUTHORITY this payment will be paid to our EXPRESS LOGISTIC POST SERVICE agent officer accountancy to avoid any problems OR COMPLICATED ISSUES Though we have taken the ORDER NUMBERS of this Package and we are processing the Release of your package from the Authority.
That site didn't even have the Contact page filled out. Also the tracking number was put in as a telephone number, and the times given, for airports did not have AM or PM. Very stupid.

Has anyone seen the domain name SITE?