Cornelius Makpo


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CORNELIUS MAKPO close friend, accomplice, partner of ANTHONY SAMUEL MOGBOLU

email addresses he uses:
Cornelius Makpo, <>
Frank Wilson, <>
Danial Hamenya, <>


Country United Kingdom
ISP Research in Motion UK Limited.
Latitude & Longitude 54.166997 -4.482106 MapG MapV
City Dublin
State or Region Dublin
Country Ireland
ISP Yahoo! Europe Dublin IE.
Latitude & Longitude 53.344104 -6.267494 MapG MapV
Country United Kingdom
ISP Yahoo! Europe.
Latitude & Longitude 54.166997 -4.482106 MapG MapV

De Master Yoda

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Cornelius Makpo. Scamming low life scum.

Been Checking out this Cornelius Makpo Guy and stumbled on his linked in page,, are you sure about this guy,

Seems to be a farmer?

Hello Cornelius. Fancy meeting you here using another name. Nice try SCAMMER. how are things in Lagos, Nigeria?

Now it is possible that a scammer would not post his occupation as a low life thief but may call himself a farmer. Would you agree?

Unfortunately for you we have a lot of experience in detecting scammers. Sorry, using a proxy does not always work even if it is a UK one. :rolleyes:

Wetin dey MUGU.

De Master Yoda

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CORNELIUS MAKPO Seems to want more attention. Here you are scammer. Lets bump this scammers name up in the search engines now.

How stupid would you have to be to try to scam on an anti-fraud website? Probably as stupid as CORNELIUS MAKPO. :rolleyes:

Of course he could always stick things up his nose to appear more intelligent. Yes that may work. :boink:
Time for Cornelius Makpo to once again show up on internet searches.

I really do need to ask him why he is putting things up his nose. Maybe he thinks this hides his identity on the internet? ERR NO, sorry Cornelius Makpo it will not work.

You now qualify for some free publicity. :D