Côte d'Ivoire

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    Sharon Taylor, Ivory Coast, Orphan
    Sharon Taylor, Ivory Coast, Orphan

    biao taylor.jpg
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    miss. peace chizizy appiha
    Dr. Appiah Kabran
    Dr. Philipps Kigah, medical director but signed by Andy Hertzfeld

    Kabran, Appiah.jpg
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    Wire transfer sheet
    SGBCI Bank
    Lilygeorge Okorie and partners

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    Ministry of Justice, Justice Kudan Bakayoko, A. Sa Allege, Commissioner
    Barrister Gabriel Alphonsu
    Mr Adams Guenette, Mrs. Gisele Guenette

    Sworn Affidavit moj.jpg
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    Certificate of Origin of Funds
    Robert G. Borrego

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