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Discussion in 'General Scam formats' started by Vance, Feb 21, 2016.

  1. Vance

    Vance New Member

    Hi everyone.
    This week I have been getting a number of emails to my spam box, supposedly from companies like , Tesco, Aldi, Boots & M&S.
    Each one says Your email address has been picked at random & congratulates you as you "may" have won a £300 or in the case of Tesco, £500 voucher.
    I have copied the latest one, they all come via different email addresses, with the company saying it's based in the Phillipines.
    Not sure what it wants me to join, but I bet if I clicked, the result would be an avalanche of spam.
    Just thought it might be useful information to share.

    Dear vanceawillis,

    We cordially congratulate you for being one of the selected customers that may receive a supermarket voucher from Aldi!

    Top 3 Customers selected today:
    1. colinrogers300
    2. alexmorrison

    After a strict selection, your email address was chosen exclusively and you have made it in the raffle!

    You were qualified for the supermarket voucher worth 300 pounds and your raffle ticket number is 073448

    Click here to join.

    We wish you much success!

    P.S. Unconfirmed prizes are re-raffled. Join immediately for higher chances.

    UK Vouchers Bonanza.

    JOIN NOW >>

    You may Unsub here anytime or send letter to:

    Brain Concepts
    P.O. Box 112, Marikina Central Post Office
    1800 Marikina City
  2. Central Scrutinizer

    Central Scrutinizer Administrator Staff Member

    The problem is that they're even more of these people than yahoozee and no one has the time to track all of these things down.
  3. Vance

    Vance New Member

    Very true, all that can be done is to avoid being sucked in by these type of mails. Promises of something for nothing, are usually the latter!

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