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    Return-Path: <>
    Received: from ( [2001:ce8:0:603::50])
    Date: Mon, 19 Dec 2016
    From: Craig Lukas <>
    Reply-To: Craig Lukas <>
    Subject: Dear,


    This is to officially inform that your compensation payment of US$1.5 Million United State dollars has been AWARDED in your names with UN government last week and it has been forwarded to our bank Merchant Investment Bank (MIB) headquarter through the help of United Nation Organization/ Federal government of cote d'ivoire and International Monetary Fund (IMF) And instruction was given to Merchant Investment Bank (MIB) Of cote d'ivoire to Issue You ATM MASTER CARD payment of US$1.5Million and direct it to your nominated Address in your country as soon as you follow our directives in this message.

    This instruction was given by United Nation Organization and Federal government of cote d'ivoire to avoid further delay, since International Monitoring FUND (I.M.F) have help us to revert all payment files pending in UN which your names is among the list.Therefore, for further more information's about your award payment file has been revert in your names. kindly contact Merchant Investment Bank head office with below Information's so that we can issue you an ATM MASTER CARD to you without any hitch as the bank telex instruction has already been sent to our bank(MIB). NOTE: You will withdraw Hundred thousand dollars per day once you received your ATM card from any ATM machine that has Visa Card Logo on it worldwide.

    Reconfirm your Personal information's for the delivery of your ATM MASTER CARD See below Info.

    You're name:_______
    Cell Phone no:_______
    Home phone no:_______

    Once you reconfirmed the above information's we will contact the shipping companies to deliver Your ATM MASTER CARD to your home address.

    Yours in service.
    Mr. Craig Lukas.

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