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Discussion in 'Fake Banks' started by Templar, Jul 12, 2009.

  1. Ziggy75

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    I am dealing with Robert Bruce Gray and his associates. They promised to issue Bank Draft from one of the prime banks in Europe with the amount of € 500millions. Their contact of Bank Officer in the issuing bank seemed to be legit but if you check further the name and email address of the Bank Officer is only similar but not the same with the real person. Anybody has experienced the same thing ?
  2. De Master Yoda

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    @Ziggy75. Welcome to AFI. If you do more searching you will see that you will never receive the 500 million.
    If you read the other posts in this thread you will see that it is all a scam.
  3. Patrick Y

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    Well, the bad news is he's back. I was shown a certificate of authenticity worth 100 trillion Euro issued by Creditnet Bank Internationale by his so called partner, a Mr.Veerapun Pomasa from Thailand.
    Details of Reserved funds certificate:
    Date: 18th.March 2016
    Serial no: CBI-RFC/123274472/EUR
    Transaction code: 1603-CB03-1801
    Mr.Veerapun mentioned that the funds can be liquidated through banks in Lao using the KTT method.
    He also mentioned that his credit is 100% legit and be confirmed once the participating bank issue them the KTT code. I was informed that Mr.Robert Bruce Gray will be in Lao this week to secure the deal.

    This is just to update any potential victim of scammers out there that this man, Robert Bruce Gray is very much
    alive and kicking.
  4. anipy

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    STILL can you please explain what is the profit for this Robert bruce gray bussiness , since he offers to SEND MONEY TO YOUR ACCOUNT , never request for you to send him a penny in advance , how they make profit and what exactly is the scam about this , since they can not take anything from you ? maybe hack your account ?? but if u have no cash there , then what , ¡¡?? all the people here speask about they are scammers , frauds , but none explains how they do , and what is your loss . and wht is it that they gain with all this SCAM ,
  5. Sapphire's Strike

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    @ anipy - Please read all the thread, 2 pages in all. This scammer may well offer to send you money but then there will be bogus charges for doing so etc. More on fake banks here:
    We don't educate scammers here, that includes those who plan to scam, therefore we don't always reveal how a scam works but rest assured EVERYTHING posted on this website IS a SCAM.
  6. De Master Yoda

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    @anipy. Yes it sounds good, this is how the scammers get people in. You would be sent FAKE documents and charged fees to do anything with it.
    You would NEVER receive any genuine documents or any money from these scammers.

    It is easy to forge documents with the programs available over the internet. Someone could send you a document showing they owned the San Fransisco bridge and offer it to you for a bargain price.
    Naturally it would be fake, just like any documents From Robert Bruce Gray.

    As Sapphires Strike correctly points out everything we post as a scam has been checked and you can be assured they ARE scams.

    There are many different ways that these scams operate. For one example, the scammers send you a fake or stolen check. You bank it and after taking out your commission send the balance to the scammer.

    Now when the bank finds out it is a bad check, YOU will be asked to repay ALL of the money to the bank.
    Then you may receive a call to explain to your local police why you are passing a bad check!! Not such a good deal after all.
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    I think Robert Bruce is back and now he is using a corporation called Chimera Corporation who runs oil and gas business
  8. Czar

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    Robert is back
    Preying in Malaysia

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