Cynthia White


Staff member
Lagos, Nigeria, Visafone Communications Limited

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From: Cynthia White <>
Subject: my beloved I got your email
Date: Tue, 4 Oct 2011

my beloved,

Good day to you. Thanks for your email also, I know it is very hard for you to beleive this because of the recent happenings over the internet which I am aware of, but all I wrote to you is all true, thanks for your encouragement, I pray that the lord will also give you all the assistance you need at all times.I saw your email among the sincere workers of a foundation home.

My Late husband was God fearing in all act, I need someone who is going to help dispose a huge sum of money he had before he died since there is nobody to inherit it including me who is hoping to die of cancer in less than 4 months, I am not a social person, so I dont have people I could trust around me to help me complete this task, including over the internet, I need someone I can trust in this, someone who is going to use the money for the purpose that I have previously mentioned and nothing else,I find it hard to trust people and rely on humans since I have been dissapointed alot of times, and betrayed. I sincerely request for your assistance and your sincerity in this, I want you to help make sure this task is done because I know it is going to please my husband as I know he is watching us, I know that God will bless you accordingly, and he will provide all your needs and heart desires, in your email you did not tell me much about yourself, but it will be better if you can send me a photo identity of you so that I will know who I am dealing with properly, I hope I have not asked too much.

I am attaching my picture in this mail, but I just want to be sure that you will help me to carry out my late husband wishes. as soon as I am convinced that you could handle this transaction, I will send you contact details of my Lawyer, Attorney Robert Welsh, he will give you further details on the bank account details so that you can transfer the money to your country on time, he will fix you as the next of kin to my Late Husband which will allow you have full control over his bank account.

All I require now is your trust, I must trust you in this since it involves a lot of money, I know that the Lord will reward you abundantly if you truly assist me in disposure of the fund as instructed, I will check for your email after I finish talking with my doctor. Are you willing to assist me in this task? Please inform me.

God Bless you.
Cynthia White