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  1. Sapphire's Strike

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    Return-Path: western.transferservices@gmail.com
    Subject: GOLD FOR SALES
    Date: 2016-12-04
    From: western.transferservices@gmail.com

    I have a partner who has 50kg of gold bar in Kenya.

    We also have another gold 100kg with export document issued since September and the document has just few weeks left to expire, so the seller is seeking for a buyer who can pay for only the shipping and insurance to move the gold before the document gets expired.

    Do you have any interested buyer?.

    Awaiting your response.

    forward your respond to info@dabalagoldmali.com
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    So a bloke who claims to have a pit full of gold in Dabala, Mali, says he has a partner in Kenya with a measly 5okg of gold bars for sale? If I were the guy from Mali, the first thing I'd ask the Kenyan guy is "where did you get those bars?".
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  4. Central Scrutinizer

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    2 points? Negative points for the worst photoshop of the week!

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