David Hopkins, truck purchase

Discussion in 'Internet Sales scam' started by ima_sylph, May 12, 2011.

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  1. ima_sylph

    ima_sylph Guest


    There is another fraud going by the name of David Hopkins. Offered 28k up front for our truck. BE CAREFUL!!
  2. [Davidhopkins007@gmail.com] BEWARE tried to get me to send 3,500 dollars to a shipping company that doesnt exist.
    Marie Michaels
    1075 North 94th street
    Kansas, Kansas 66111
    If anyone else reads this please respond, I want to be involved in catching and kicking the SH#T out of him/her.
    BTW this was a craigslist/Paypal scam for me.
  3. yup

    yup Guest

    tried to get me as well im still in contact with him trying to get his number
  4. humbleguy

    humbleguy Guest

    same scam

    he is trying to get me to send her money he says is in my paypal account but is not and is very persistent even told me he was going to call the fbi lol and has been trying to convence me that this is his shipper

    Name : Marie Micheals
    City : kansas
    State : kansas
    Zipcode : 66111
    Address : 212 shoe maker strt ave 128

    using email john lampard <terryjoe117@gmail.com>
  5. olycoley

    olycoley New Member

    Me too

    Yep, trying to buy a guitar from me using PayPal. Smelled like scam from the get go. [terryjoe117@gmail.com] Going by the name John Lamyard. Some song and dance about being a marine engineer blah blah blah.
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  6. Garreg Ddu

    Garreg Ddu Gweinyddwr Staff Member

    Hi guests and new member olycoley - :welcome:

    Please, if you have any emails from this criminal may we ask you to post them here, with their headers. It really does help us to track down these low-life scammers. Please check out the threads at How to find email headers and Basic email header analysis tools - a short tutorial for how to do this.

    Please feel free to contact any of the Admin Team by Private Message (top right by the login name welcome) if you need any more help. There is a list at the link Your friendly neighbourhood admin team. If you are a guest, please use the Contact Us link at the bottom right of this page.
  7. Dst

    Dst Guest


    Above is the email they tried using saying they were renting an apartment and tried to get money sent to them directly through a bank account!

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