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  1. He's operating on the Hawaii Craig's List still. Under a new name: Dean Hilley

    I gave him my phone number and address before thinking about it and seeing a listing (the real one) for the same place and figuring out that this was a scammer. Here's the e-mail I was sent, hopefully others won't fall for this too!

    'Dean Hilley' -

    Thanks for your swift response regarding my property, the home is currently vacant and it is available for move in. I am Dean Hilley the owner of the property,I got transfer too Springfield,Virginia few weeks ago and am looking to rent our home ASAP.

    The rent includes all utilities like gas, electricity,Internet, water e.t.c are included in the rental fee. We would be staying here in Virginia for a long time and this is why we are actually renting our Home. I am not after the money for the rent but looking for a trustworthy/responsible person too occupy our home.

    The keys/documents are right here with us but feel free to go view the exterior and once accepted as our new tenant the keys would be sent to you via FEDEX courier service.

    If you interested in moving in immediately or ASAP kindly fill out the application below and feel free to Text or call (949)-734-1780)serious rental only.


    Full Name:
    Desire date of Occupancy:
    Desire Length of Occupancy:
    Cell Phone ( )
    Home Phone ( )
    Current Address:
    Reasons for Leaving:
    Current Rent Payment:
    Are you married:
    How many people will be living in the house:
    Do you have a pet:
    Do you have a car:
    Current Employer:
    If a student:
    Name of School:

    Once I have all this information I will let you know what the next step to take toward renting our home. Looking forward to hear from you ASAP so I can have the required details in my file In case of issuing receipts and contacting you.

    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Dean Hilley.
    CELL# (949)-734-1780)

    N:B-Please note that we are not available to show the place because the keys are right here with us,you can only view the place from the outside and once Accepted as my new tenant the keys/documents would be Fedex to you.
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    It would be fun to know who answers that phone.

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