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Discussion in 'Animal Scams' started by Scorcher60, Jan 8, 2017.

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    Name: Desmond Ayuk
    Calls from: 240-419-6878
    Info: they will sell you a free animal but all you gotta do is pay for the courier. At first it's 200$ , a day later they will say it wasn't sent because you have to pay a 750$ insurance fee.
    Ask what flight they will be shipped on.
    The dumb MF will answer Boeing.
    He doesn't know the airline or flight number.
    Ask for his bosses number, he gives you another scammers number with a BS name. Anderson Witler: 202-840-6325
    Do not pay anything. Report to the police.
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    Nigerians love the name Anderson, they use it as both first name and surname too. They are so clever.

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