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Discussion in 'Education scams' started by melonca, Jul 9, 2007.

  1. basenji

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    @Kill spammerz/Don't help the spammers

    You seem well informed. Why are you so interested in spoofed/forged email addresses?
  2. 845-709-8044

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    845-709-8044 go onto crtaigslist and post something for free with that number as a contact number.
  3. The Doctor

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    What is that for?
  4. bigmama

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    Lou Shea

    Received: from [], Korea, Republic of Seoul, Korea Network Information Center (KRNIC), [abuse@kornet.net]
    from: Lou Shea <25a5758@factory-outlet-center.biz>
    reply-to: <25a5758@factory-outlet-center.biz>
    date: Sun, Sep 16, 2012
    subject: Earn more money. business home internet marketing work

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  5. mister7cents

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    is www.univrsitydegree.education is a scam ?
  6. Top Gun

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    Let's see now:

    .education is about as free and unregulated as a top-level domain can possibly get. It may sound impressive and reliable but I haven't seen anything on .education yet that is convincing.

    Domains by Proxy, well, excuse me, but that's just plain silly. If you're a serious player in the field of higher education, then you don't need to, and shouldn't register your website anonymously.

    And the registrant's address is the address of an Arizona post office in Scottsdale, I believe, on 14555 North Hayden Road. About ten years ago, the UPS store on 15111 North Hayden Road used to house an impressive number of less-than-wonderful universities.

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