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    Return-Path: <markbande@gmail.com>
    Received: from (EHLO mail-oi0-f66.google.com) (
    Reply-To: andyrobert603@gmail.com
    From: "Dr. ANDY ROBERT" <markbande@gmail.com>
    Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2017
    Subject: Attention:


    How are you today, I want to inform you that your $4.5 million dollars is been deposited in our RIA Money transfer office by the federal government of Benin, an other was giving to us by the president DR, YAYI BONI to send your fund to you since Western Union and Money Gram have been collecting money from you and refuse to sent you payment to you.

    Many western union and money gram have been shot down today by president DR. YAYI BONI due to the scam that has been going on in western union and money gram office, fifteen manager has been arrested today from both western union and money.

    Your first payment of $14,000 dollars have been send to you right now and is already been available for you to pick it up, meanwhile the only money you will send to RIA Money transfer is $89 dollars the transfer charges of your two payment. I advice you to quickly go ahead to RIA money transfer office and send the $89 dollars today so that you can be able to pick up your two payment of $14.000 dollars immediately you send the money okay.

    Below is the information to send the $89 dollars via RIA money transfer.
    Receiver Name: LEE ATAM
    Country: Benin Republic
    City: cotomou
    Question: when
    Answer: now
    Amount: $89 dollars
    Sender Name:
    Sender Country:

    Immediately we receive the payment information you will receive your two payments today okay, mind you after 7 working days we did not hear from you, your payment will be diverted to federal government account okay.

    Best Regards

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