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Date: Sat, 28 Apr 2018
From: Dr Anthony Robert <giovanni_accardi@alice.it>
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Dr.Anthony Robert
Western Union Building Republic


Considering the meeting held today with United States Government, through Federal Bureau of Investigation to compensate you/scam victims, the United States Government have warn you to stop further communication/dealing with any banks/office due to fraud going on worldwide.

The United States Government have instruct us to be paying you via Western Union the sum of Five Thousand Dollars daily till the amount of 7,800 000:00 USD is completely paid to you, we have programmed your first payment today for your pick-up at any Western Union worldwide, but still on-hold due to none value added Tax Clearance Transfer Document in your payment file, which will cost you ($95usd only) You are require to pay before your daily transfer will be made available to you today.

Senders Fist name: Jacob
Senders Last Name: J. Lew
(MTCN) : 451-087-6471-(Available for pick up by Receiver)
Question: **ON**
Answer: **HOLD**
Amount: $5,000.00 USD
NB: You are required to pay for value added Tax Clearance document fee to ----

And send copy of your International Passport or any identification which you will use to pick up your daily $5,000.00 in your country. Kindly reconfirm your details.You can send the fee through Western Union or Money Gram.


Our customer care service will call/email you as soon as possible to enable you pick up your daily $5,000.00 in your country. As soon as we receive the MTCN for the value added Tax Clearance fee ($95usd only).

Best Regards,
Dr. Anthony Robert
Western Union Payment Officer Head Office Operations Manager.
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