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Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2018
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My name is Diplomatic Dr.Blessing Richard who will deliver your ATM CARD of US$20.500.000.00 from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport Arizona United State of American am here to inform you that a man came to custom office in this morning name is John William he told custom that he is your Brother from your city he said that you are dead,Last week ago in a car accident on your way going to hospital see your doctor and before your death you told him that you have an ATM CARD worth of $20.5 million dollars cost of $156.00 dollars to receive the ATM CARD worth of $20.5 million and he came with the $86.00 dollars for the activation fee of the ATM card to collect it on your behalf right now at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

If real you are dead may your soul rest in perfect peace AMEN, but if you are alive pl ease due call me or get get back to me with the$86.00 dollars dollars activation fee of the ATM CARD immediately with your home address today . But if you are real alive but you not willing to send the $86.00 dollars today receive the ATM CARD of $20.5 million do not contact so we can give the ATM CARD of $10.5 million to John William as your next of kin but if you alive willing to receive the ATM CARD of $10.5 million use this information go western union or money gram send the activated fee $156.00 dollars forward MTCN number and your home address to receive the ATM CARD of $20.5 million next 3hours enable us arrested John William as Fraud.
We advise that you do the needful to make sure the NFIU dispatches your ATM card on Monday. You are assured of the safety of your ATM card and availability. Be advised that you should stop further contacts with all the fake lawyers and security companies who in collaboration scammed you. Get back to me immediately to check if the delivery date suits you. You are going to pay a fee valued $86.00 dollars which is for the delivery of the ATM card to you and below is the confirmation of the address where to send the fee via western union or money gram ok

Receiver Name ….. YOUNG EZECHI RIVER
Country ….. Benin Republic
City ….. Port-Novo
Text Question ….. Yes
Text Answer ….. Yes
Amount ….. $186USDdollars
MTCN …..
Sender Name …..
Sender Country …..

If I did not hear from you today with the activation fee then I will collect the $86.00 dollars activation fee from Mr John and hand the ATM card over to him within 3hours
Full Name...........
Your City...........
Your Home address...
Your Nearest Airport..
Your Phone No....

Do have a wonderful day if you are alive but if you are,

Yours Faithfully
Dr. Blessing Richard

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Receiver Name …..Ameka Anthony Ifenyi
Text Question ….. Yes
Text Answer ….. Yes
Amount ….. $156US Ddollars