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    Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2017
    From: "Mrs. Janet Ume" <gelsominaesempio@alice.it>
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    Subject: Dear beneficiary,

    Dear beneficiary,

    The Management of "DHL" Express Courier Company wishes to inform you that your ATM Visa Card with registration CODE ( XGT442 ) is ready to be deliver to your destination address as authorized by the depositor of your parcel Mr. Johnny CARSWELL, Secretary United Nations West Africa Region to DHL Express Courier Company and we can assure you that we are experts and will effect the delivery of your ATM Visa Card to your doorstep as soon as you comply with our mode of delivery.

    Your parcel was properly sealed and register with your information here in our company and it will deliver to your house within the next 48 hours as the depositor registered your parcel along with some vital documents required by DHL Courier Company under delivery rules and regulation, Also we can confirm to you that we have your correct information and your delivery will effect today as soon as we receive our official delivery and insurance coverage charges.

    Note that: The measures of charging owner of parcel for delivery and insurance coverage charges is for a receipt to be issue to you,This is to always protect the parcel of our customers and to ensure the safety delivery, DHL Express Courier Company is a modest delivery company and our office is located in major city in the world and our delivery system is fast and our charges are affordable which is the reason every customer says that we are simply reliable and the best. DHL Express Courier Company are charge according to the weight and location where our diplomatic team are delivery the parcel to........

    Meanwhile, In regards to our delivery regulation which is our term of delivery, The beneficiary of any parcel is liable to pay for the cost involve in his/her delivery, According to our delivery strategy, it will cost you the amount below for your parcel to be deliver to you.

    Diplomatic packaging & over night shipping charges:
    Delivery Charge Rate:$20 USD
    Official Vat: $30 USD
    Administrative/company charges: $20 USD
    Total fee::$70.00 USD only

    The payment should send via Money Gram only with the following details;

    ============================== =============
    ============================== =============

    RECEIVERS NAME :Paul Nnalou
    AMOUNT : $70.00

    Money transfer control number (MTCN)
    Senders Name
    Senders address

    DHL Express Courier Company ( DHL ) will process and complete the delivery of your parcel within the next 48 hours upon the confirmation of the mailing fee, Your urgent respond is needed so that we will forward the tracking number of your ATM card once the delivery commence.

    Thanks. I await your prompt respond.

    Yours Sincerely
    DR.Curtis Nnamdi, 2017 DHL International.

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