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Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2018
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Subject: Am waiting for your payment information,

My Dear customer,

this is Dom Eze Accounting Director manager of UBA BANK i can not ever my life to allow you to lost your fund and lost all the money you have spend 2years ago to receive your fund of $3.8million because of $90.00 USD which i know that you will going to send it back to me when you receive your fund today,i have already paid the $45.00 USD this morning by your name so that you will receive your fund today and know that iam real Dom Eze,

But only money you are going to send right now is $45.00 which i can use to Lamnate all the Documents Papers that belong to you and your fund and forword it to you through mail right now so that you will use it to withdrwals your fund any money gram bank over your Country without having any question from Government and ask you how do you have this fund from Africa,So try your possible best to send this $45.00 after reading this mail right now because your fund is floating on the air and waiting for you to receive it today but only this $45.00 is delaying right now,

so try your possible best and send this $45 now but if you can not send it just get back right now and let me know so that i will take my $45 USD back this morning and cancel your fund and remove my hand forver and ever because i don,t see the reason why i will spend my money which i can not see benefit on it but am doing it to you to receive your fund today and know that all the word i told you since is truth.
Send it through Money Gram or western union below;
Receiver Name....:FAVOUR AKA
Country: Benin Republic.
City: Cotonou
Question: God
Answer: Work
Amount: $45 Usd Only

Take my word which is my bond, I will never fail you trust me on this okay. If you did not receive your ATM Card after this $45 never believe me again , but I give you assurance that I will never let you down.

Am waiting for your payment information,

Yours Sincerely,
Dr. Dom Eze
Managing Director Of (Foreign Department)
UBA Bank Money-Gram Head Office Se-me border Benin
Call @ +229-68808420