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Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2018
Subject: Dear, contact him to get your gift package

Hello dear,
I guess you are doing great.

I'm very sorry that i could not reply your mail in time, i was very busy in office with Hope Worldwide Aid Support.

I got some gifts and items from the organization, your thought just came in my mind and I decided to send some to you as presents. Actually I do not have need for some of these items so i felt they might be useful to you. And also to register in your heart that I came first among your friends. I sent the gift through a friend and also a co-worker, Daniel Kingsley, as he went to Senegal yesterday for Hope Worldwide Aid Support with his group, brothers and sisters of Our Lady of Christian Doctrine. Yesterday after participating in a Church meeting we held here and I gave him the gift package to deliver to you, when he arrives there since you didn't supply me with your postal address and I couldn't wait for you to do that now because I am on my way to Haiti, Hope Worldwide Aid Support to Haiti.

I believe where the Rev. Pastor Daniel Kingsley is residing (Senegal) might be closer to you or your residence country. You should contact him via email revpastorkingsleydaniel@outlook.com discuss with him regarding how to receive your gift package and you should send him your home address and phone.

Please don't laugh at me when you receive the pack, I know it isn't much but I sent it from my innermost heart and belief you gonna appreciate everything inside the package because it is coming from a special friend and in a special way. I know that you will be in need of this item in one way or the other. The content of the pack are 2 Toshiba laptop computers, 1 i-phone, an envelope, video camera and some jewelries. I packed everything in a medium carton and gave it to him to deliver it to you because he didn't travel with much luggage of his own when he was traveling. Open the pack of one of the laptops to bring out the envelop which I put inside, it contains some of my recent photos and that of my family members and a surprise gift which I don't want to disclose to you till you see it, leaving it at home my brother will do away with then.
Update me when you receive it, so I will be aware. I will see how i can make a request for you as a volunteer in this organization if you would be interested. I will get to you when i come back.

Yours truly,
Dr. Georgina Lewis