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  1. She is definitely a gift!

    Return-Path: <giftprivate@yahoo.de>
    Received: from sonic304-48.consmr.mail.ir2.yahoo.com (mpq405.aol.consmr.mail.gq1.yahoo.com [])
    Date: Sat, 23 Jun 2018
    From: Gift Private giftprivate@yahoo.de
    Subject: Kindly contact him urgently for your gift of love


    Good morning my cute husband, greetings with love & trust. how you doing ? i am missing you so much, i have very busy in my office, i am a faithful lady.

    hopefully you had a sweet dreams. Since i read your message i have acknowleged that you have honest intentions towards divine marriage minded, knowing full well i seen you as my God sent decent husband. since i meet you here on this site my life has change to happiness and joy. i have seen more seriousness in you as regards everlasting relationship.

    i have a good news for you, as my husband i will not hide anything from you because you are my heart desire, as God may have it i have worked with the World Health Organization (WHO) for 16 good years of my humble serivce to United Kingdom Government. As it stands now i recieved gifts from my department in the Ministry of Health, as the best female Doctor of the year, gift iterms entails the following

    1. 40 pieces Iphones x
    2. 34 pieces Iphone pads
    3. 20 pieces HP laptop computers and 5 pieces Desktop DELL normal office computers
    4. 8 pieces video cameras
    5. 5 tons of medal gold
    6. 19 pieces pieces gold Rolex watches.
    7. Lastly 1 million GB sterling pounds stellings.

    I packaged it inside one black briefcase and locked it with my own secret code or password which i will give it to you to enable you to have acess to the money.

    As i was thinking last night you came into my mind my heart desire since you seeking for everlasting relationship meaning divine marriage, i deemed it very vital to send it these items to you hopefully you will not laugh at by the time you received my gift of love from my co-worker in the person Rev. Father Fidelpark. My main reasons of sending you these items are because i have 1 brother who is a drug addict he takes cocaine if i left these iterms at my home sorry i will not meet any more by the time comes back to United Kingdom, since Rev, father Fidelpark will be going to Ghana on life saving missions, as God may it he has no much packages he will be taking along to his trip to Ghana, I decided to give these packages to deliver directly to your country. As it stands now i am already on health medical trips to Haiti.world health orginization.for life saving missions .as soon as i accomplished my mission here in Haiti i shall join you in your country without any further delay , i as much you have informed me that you have recieved my gift of love packages./ listen carefully my dear respected husband to be, all these gifts of my love iterms are all for you because i am not going to make use of them. But as for the money in the black brief case. i will shall send you the secret code to enhance you to take away only 1 hundred thousand GB pounds is for you i want you to make use this money for your good self, buy yourself and take proper care of your body, buy good clothes and shoes for your good self so that by that time i will join in your country i shall meet you in healthy and wealthy conditions, and you keep the rest money for me until i will arrived in your country for our marriage plans. i have trusted all in hand in the name love cum marriage・hopefully you will not betray me at last・because i always say to my self that the man who will love me sincerely, and honestly will enjoy wealth with me till the end of our short life here on earth and you are the lucky man, no 2 ways about it, i have given you my heart.

    i thinking these iterms might be usefull to you that the reasons i am sending them to you as my gift of love you to appreciate you, i am very bush here in my office new office here in Haiti because of my life saving missions as a medical female doctor.

    with all due respects i am hereby informing to contact my co_worker in the person of.

    Rev. Father Fidelpark who i gave your gift of love packages to deliver to you honestly. please take note of this Rev. Father Fidelpark do not know the content of the package, he do not know that the black briefcase contains 1 million great britain pounds stellings .please never you let him know that there is money among the packages i gave him to deliver to you to your country. please i have warned you for secret reasons, keep this as a top secret to your good self alone. Kindly contact him urgently for your gift of love, here is his contacts below...

    Rev. Father FIDELPARK.

    I did not drop any delivery charges with him because my trip came very urgently please i need your understanding as my beloved one and here in Haiti they do not send out money through Western union money transfer, i could have send you the money for the delivery charges. Hopefully you will appreciate my gift of love package.

    Bye for now, i love you, my husband.

    Get back to me as soon as you received my gift of love package.

    My dear beloved one, greetings from your faithfully wife.

    Dr. Gift Michelle.

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