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Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2018
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Subject: Dear Valued Beneficiary,

Dear Valued Beneficiary,

My name is Dr. Joseph Richard, the Director of Foreign Remittance Funds Transfer at Fidelity Bank. Congratulations, I am here to inform you that Fidelity Bank was assigned to transfer your funds the sum of $4Million to your bank account. We opened a domiciliary bank account in your name and your funds was deposited into the domiciliary account.The reason why you have not been notified about the funds before now is because we have been trying to purchase all the required documents so that the transfer will not be stopped by the International Monitory Funds (IMF). Fidelity Bank is delighted to inform you that we have today completed all necessary arrangement that will enable the $4Million to reflect into your bank account successfully after three banking days from the day Fidelity bank will transfer the money.

I am glad to inform you that Fidelity Bank is 100% ready to transfer the funds to any bank account of your choice anywhere in the world. I must also let you know that a tax clearance fee of $210 is required by the Inland Revenue Service Benin Republic and it's compulsory for this type of transfer. It must interest you to know that the transfer fee and every other fees have bee paid. There will be no additional fees at all. Fidelity Bank will transfer the funds to any account you will provide without any delay as soon as you send the tax Clearance fee of $210. You have to forward your banking details so that we can transfer your funds to you.

The following is the receiver information to send the tax fee using Money Gram, RIA money transfer or Small World Money Transfer Or Western Union.
Receiver'S Name : JOSEPH RICHARD
Receiver's City : COTONOU
Amount To Send : $210 USD
Text Qustion : GOD OVER
Text Answer : EVERYTHING

Be rest assured that the $4Million will be transferred same day we receive the tax Clearance fee. I want to make a strong promise to you in order to assure you that the funds will surly be transferred same day the tax fee is being paid for. I here take an oath with you, there will be no delay to transfer the $4Million to any account of your choice as soon as you send the tax fee. We are FIDELITY, We keep our word.

Warm Regards,
Dr. Joseph. Richard
Director of Foreign Remittance
Funds Transfer, Fidelity Bank PLC.


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Another one from Benin.
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