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    From: CENTRAL BANK OF NIGERIA <jeasondavid4@gmail.com>
    Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2018

    Attn: Sir/Madam,

    We do hereby bring to your notice that due to some irregularities and fraudulent activities going on in Nigeria, the Presidency has ordered the central bank of Nigeria to channel all contracts/inheritance payments to the CITIBANK OF NEW YORK for all the concerned beneficiaries to receive their payments without further stress.

    This resolution came as a result of the fraudulent malpractices going during the process of the concerned beneficiaries trying to receive their funds.

    In view of this, you are directed henceforth to stop any further dealings/communications with anyone in Nigeria telling you to claim your fund here.

    Your fund is now with the CITIBANK of New York. The total value of the sum approved to be paid to all the concerned beneficiaries is $10.5M (Ten Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars Only). As one of the shortlisted beneficiaries, you should contact the officer in charge of your payment at CITIBANK, New York on the following information:

    NAME: Patricia Brigantic
    BANK: CITIBANK of New York
    E-mail: mrs.patricia.brigantic222@hotmail.com

    Contact the bank for further advise.

    Please call for more details.

    Dr. Julius Okere
    Operations Manager,
    Central bank of Nigeria.

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