Dr. Mark David, US Army Surgeon

Discussion in 'Military Romance scams' started by Zita_Sumac, Jul 27, 2016.

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    he is a good one. Talked to me about two months then asked for money. I stopped and so did he talking to each other he got upset with me.
  2. M whyley

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    He is using the name mark Wallace on instagram. Then adds you to hangouts. I wouldn't write the letter so got bitter towards me
  3. pumpkin

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    I asked what his real name was and he laughed and said he is not so stupid then to use his real name. so none of the names he uses is his real name and the pictures are not of him. He has covered himself well so he does not get caught. Has been doing this for a long time. Be careful he also hacked into my phone and email and got information from there.
  4. De Master Yoda

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  5. Cate

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    Yes he's just Started to write to me on Instagram
  6. Todas tus conversaciones, con quien sea, donde sea y cuando sea
    David Mark te invitó a una conversación.

    This another phote of David Mark. He contact me by Facebook and gmail Handout.

    David Mark contact me by the name of Cebedo Donald Jr. Crastro and now said his name is David Mark from United Kingdow. He is single father, doctor, has a daughter and his late wife name is Gloria Tesoro.

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