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    Return-Path: <test@edcgi.ro>
    From: Dr Morris Brown <test@edcgi.ro>
    Reply-To: drmorrisbrown72@gmail.com
    Mail-Reply-To: drmorrisbrown72@gmail.com
    Message-ID: <19f6036e313f32e8cf71bf6d43572252@edcgi.ro>

    Compliments of the day, Mr/ Mrs,

    How are you doing and your family i hope you are doing well by the special grace of God. I got your email from an on-line International search portal and decided to write you,I wish to bring to your notice that I have a very urgent, profitable and genuine business for you to handle on my behalf, there in your country for our mutual benefit. Please revert back to me as soon as possible via my regular Email I'd: drmorrisbrown72@gmail.com

    Dr Morris Brown.
    Assistant Production Manager

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