Dr Odudu aka Dr Otonu.

De Master Yoda

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The real truth behind the so called Spell casters. And why I intend to make 2018 a very hard year for these sub human scamming scumbags.

" am here because I'm being threatened by templeofgreatspell@gmail.com for not giving them money. I'm being threatened by death or madness and wondered if anyone has had the same problem they have my photo and phone number and won't leave me alone. I have threatened them with the police but they don't care, please help?"

"Please do not listen. I was threatened by a spell caster too named Maka Belbenor. He was from Nigeria. The problem was that he wanted $450 to complete a spell for me.. I told him that I did not have that kind of money because I was only 15 years old at the time. Then he threatened me and my family to scare me. He told me that he was going to "wipe me off this planet" and kill me and my family one by one... and he had my picture and phone number too, and also would not leave me alone. I had to change my number. But he was a total scam. The next day he told me to expect me and my entire family dead in 4 weeks. Well I was scared shitless because I was only 15.. but then 4 weeks passed, then 5 then 6 then 7... and you know what? I was still alive and so was my family and we were still on the planet Earth. LOL... fake scammers from India and especially Nigeria trying to scare you so you will pay them money via "Western Union" and "MoneyGram" shit.... fuck them all they want is your money and will threaten you and say the "gods and daughters of death" are angry at you. Oooooh! FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE!!!!! Do not listen. You will be just fine. The same thing happened to me."

"This person go by Dr Otonu don't believe anything what he say he making a threat to kill me and my child just to send him money this is his phone number +234 816 961 6855"

And we know that Dr Otonu is another name used by Dr Odudu :mad: