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    Return-Path: infosearch0000020@gmail.com
    Received: from sonic304-35.consmr.mail.ir2.yahoo.com (mpq405.aol.prodcr.mail.ne1.yahoo.com [])
    Date: Tue, 8 May 201
    From: Dr Patrick Muguru infosearch0000020@gmail.com
    Reply-To: Dr Patrick Muguru PatrickMuguru@accountant.com
    Subject: From DR Patrick Muguru

    From DR Patrick Muguru
    Please Open the Attachment for more details
    Email: PatrickMuguru@accountant.com

    Yours Faithfully,
    Dr Patrick Muguru

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    It is my pleasure to contact you to discuss investment opportunities of US$62.8 Million Us Dollars , I must apologize for using this unconventional means to contact you in a business of this nature but please understand that i am in dare need.

    I am Mr Patrick Muguru a very close confidant of the former first lady of Zimbabwe Mrs. Grace Mugabe prior to the military intervention that ousted President Robert Mugabe I helped the ex first lady to move some funds out of Zimbabwe to South Africa amounting to US$62.8 Million.

    This money i deposited in South Africa as is family valuable under a proper arrangement with a private firm that keeps valuables. She has instructed me to secure this money out of South Africa for investment as she feels the resentments she is facing after the change of government and wish to retire with this money.

    I will introduce you to the financial attorney that assisted us to make this deposit to explain to you more and work with you on how we can move this fund out immediately

    The fund will be shared in the ratio of 80% for us and 20% for you for your assistance rendered. Please note that this fund will not be investigated or recalled in the near future as all document to move this fund will be legally obtained by the financial attorney.

    Be assured that this is a legitimate fund and will be transferred legitimately. Thanks for your anticipated Co-operation.
    E-MAIL: PatrickMuguru@accountant.com

    Patrick Muguru

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