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    From "Dr. Sarah Richard
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    Dear Colleague,

    On behalf of the Global Aids Society (GAS) we are delighted to invite you to the forthcoming Global Conference on HIV and eradicating other Infectious Diseases, holding from (SEPTEMBER 21ST-25TH 2015) at the Decatur Conference center in ATLANTA, USA.

    For more information regarding this event, you are to contact the secretariat office via email: (gas.secretary@secretary.net) Endeavor to inform them that you were invited by (Dr. Sarah Richard) a staff member of The Global Aids Society, if you are interested to participate, kindly contact the above email for more details on your registration, air ticket, accommodation and visa processing.

    Please share the information with your colleagues,Thanks for your co-operation as I look forward to meet you at the conference venue.
    E-mail gas.secretary@secretary.net
    Tel +1-920-82-74-790
    Fax +1-920-82-74-745

    Dr Sarah Richard
    Staff Member & Youth Coordinator/
    California, United State of America.
    You may get back to me with the below email drsarahrichard001@gmail.com
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    @ Emang, this is not a real conference. This is an internet scam format.
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    I was trapped and we supposedly paid our accommodation at PGK927200 USD$ 3030.00 at the Yolande Hotel & Suites in Atlanta GA

    how do we claim our money back?
    Papua New Guinea
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