Dr. Steve Desmond, UN Military Surgeon



I got scam from a man whose name was Steve Desmond, 49 years old. And admitted he work as Orthopaedic Surgeon in UN military base in Israel. He claimed that he was mixblooded, mother is Turkish n father is American. He told me that his wife had passed away almost 2 years ago, and he has a 13 years old son. When I insist him to give me his picture, he sent me a picture of famous urologist professor that he downloaded from internet. When I confronted him that he had sent me a fake picture of him, he became being annoyed and told me that I was talking too much. I confronted him everyday and finally he said please do not bother him again..so I told him that I will delete his contact. Thanks God it's only happened in 3 days that I could revealed that he is a liar..