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    Return-Path: <capt.deniselinkedinafgha@gmail.com>
    Received: from (EHLO mail-lf0-f68.google.com) (
    Reply-To: edsmith0@outlook.com
    From: "MR. ED SMITH" <capt.deniselinkedinafgha@gmail.com>
    Date: Sun, 18 Dec 2016
    Subject: New Development!!!!!!!!

    I am writing in regards to your unfinished/unclaimed payment inheritance funds and before I go further, I would like to know if you have in any way received your unclaimed contract inheritance payment from any other office(s), department/person(s)? I have something very important and urgent to share with you that will be of great benefit and favorable to you. It will help you in the claim of your unpaid inheritance funds because I noticed that you have been unable to fulfill the financial obligation given to you for the financing and the release of your long awaited contract inheritance payment and to that reason why you have a pending transaction not concluded.

    Be informed that a friend introduced me to an investor who is connected to a Globalending Company that accept to assist in financing this transaction on your behalf till your expected contract inheritance payment amount hits your designated bank account. This investor shall take care of all expenses incurred and every upfront payment needed to execute this transaction for the release of your payment to your bank account and you do not need to pay any money to get this done untill your payment is confirmed into your bank account.

    All we expect from you is your utmost co-operation, correspondence and trust to enable the loan issued to you for the finance of your transaction that you have been unable to take care of financially. Kindly act accordingly and follow up all directives given to you by the investor who is situated United states that is all we demand of you to do to achieve this expectation and nothing more.


    The investor requires just the following information written below and any valid BANK CREDIT CARD with at least maximum limit of $2,000.00 and above to issue out the loan needed to clear up the financial obligation given to you upfront which you have been unable to settle for the release/transfer of your funds to your private bank account.

    1. Any United States Local or Commercial Bank Account
    2. An Equity Line of Credit Account
    3. Any Bank Credit Card

    If you know you have any of the above requirement mentioned and still interested in the claim of your overdue inheritance payment, kindly get back to me without no further delay so we can commence with this new development from our helping office. Please get back to me through my private email; edsmith0@outlook.com

    Your quick response will be highly welcomed.

    Yours sincerely,
    Mr. Ed Smith

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