Edward Tenadu, Ghana Gold


I saw your profile online as a commodity trader.We are a legal and consultancy firm based in Ghana and can render consulting services to you in any transaction you are doing in Ghana.Consult us in transaction like gold dust.Also,we are into debt recovery from any company that is owning you in Ghana.I am looking forward to hearing from you.Thanks.

Mr. Edward Tenadu, LLB(HONS)

From: edward tenadu <edwardtenadu2004@yahoo.com>

Dirk Conradie

Is Mr Edward Tenadu associated with ASA Mines Ghana and is this a legit entity in the gold trade

De Master Yoda

Staff member
@DIRK welcome to AFI. The last we posted about him was in 2011. We would like to see some details like a copy of the email and current email etc. To enable us to do a current check.

However Ghana is the home of a very large number of gold or gold dust scams. If you have received an email out of the blue offering gold then it is a scam.


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How are you dealing with him. What does he offer? what does he say? As Yoda says, without information it is difficult to tell you more.