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  1. Ben

    Ben Samurai

    Software used on the passport came up on photo info as "Adobe Photoshop 7.0".
    If it was a real document to begin with ,Photoshop is in there for one reason .....


    File Name: RUSSIANPASSPORT.jpg
    File Size: 58,310 Bytes
    File Type: JPEG
    Exif Byte Order: Big Endian (Motorola)
    Image orientation: Top, left
    Resolution (width): 72 pixels per inch
    Resolution (height): 72 pixels per inch
    Software used: Adobe Photoshop 7.0
    File date and time: 2007:05:15 14:36:49
    Color space: Uncalibrated
    Image width: 354
    Image height: 480
  2. Hello, omitted!

    Likely, it is interesting to discuss behind a back of girls, which, probably, really real?! You muzhiks all on one person! Earlier, I thought, that only women may be gossips, but having read a today's forum, has understood, that it is much worse than the man. It is a shame for men!!! I think, what now it is clear whence at you in [Mod. edit: pain in the posterior] and why she is necessary for you?!? Good luck to you, Pizdabolam.
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  3. Kat

    Kat Administrator Staff Member

    Have you guys been gossping without me? ;) what nerve!
  4. Ben

    Ben Samurai

    No not quite Kat
    this is more like shot a Rat that doe's not know it's dead yet. ;)
  5. Spanish Administrator

    Spanish Administrator THE Spanish Administrator Staff Member

    Actually Ebat` ne doljno, some of us would like to be on several people, horizontally if possible. I'd sure like a go at Elena, and that isn't gossip. Just the facts.
  6. Central Scrutinizer

    Central Scrutinizer Administrator Staff Member

    Wow. She even has a "hot" passport, so to speak.
  7. The Doctor

    The Doctor Administrator Staff Member

    We always gossip without you, Kat. And Elena is just plain hot no matter what you say.
  8. Ben

    Ben Samurai

    Elena Bulygina

    Elena was tricky and very cautious with a good deal of hand written in each letter.I couldn't get this scammer to Western Union (maybe they read this thread) ? also I had a PM from a victim who was reluctant to write back to me so I baited "her" again. This gives an name for WU collection as Elena Bulygina.

    Hello my dear ********,
    I have received your letter. Thank. Forgive me, but I now can not write much. I have come in Internet - cafe
    to write to you, that I have no the bank account! You understand me? I tried to find out how you may send me
    of money. To me have told, that you quite might take advantage of services of bank, with remittances of " the
    Western union "! It is familiar to you? If you have at yourself in city "Western Union" then you can send with
    ease to me of money therefrom. To me have told, that I can receive your money literally in 15-20 minutes after
    you will send to me. I think, that it quite would approach us with you. Also, today in bank to me have told,
    that you should know some information on me may send me of money. Now, I shall write to you her:
    My full name: Elena Bulygina.
    Place of residing: Russia. City Kazan. Street Amerhana the house 23 apartment 13.
    Here, the information, which you should know to send me of money. To me have told still that, as I should know
    about you the following to receive your money. It:
    - Your full name?!
    - Your full home address?!
    - A home telephone number (if he is present)?!
    And still, me have told, that when you will make out a remittance for my name, to you should give out a
    ten-character code (MTCN). I should know him necessarily. Please, do not overlook to write to me the
    information in which I need from you. Ok? I very much hope, on your understanding.
    I want to thank you for your help to me in purchase of the phone. As soon as I shall receive your money, I
    shall go and buy at once to myself the phone. And as soon as I shall buy the phone at once I shall send you
    the telephone number. Ok? I shall be very glad, if you can call to me more often.
    On it, I shall finish to write the letter. Please, nothing miss. Ok?
    With warm embraces. Elena.
    I wait for your answer.

    Searches reveal possible marriage scam connections due to scammy looking photos,
    and here as Tatyana with the same sir name
    http://www.scammerlist.com/memberid/20117 again different pics Tatyanna2000@rambler.ru


    all the above have this script / letter in common

    But I think that it will be better if I spend money to see you!
    What do you think about it? I can arrive to your country.
    It's better to communicate tete-a-tete then write each other thousands
    I'm sure. I hope that you do agree with me!!!!
    i imagine our meeting, i'm sure it'll be wonderful!!!
    Just imagine: When I arrive to you, you'd stand at the airport and wait
    for me.
    And then our eyes meet. We understand that it's great that we would
    have met.
    We'd go to have supper with candles. We talk a lot. I'm sure we'd enjoy
    each moment.
    there wouldn't be anybody but we were only.
    Time would stop for us!!!. It would be very romantic.
    Do you agree? What do you think about it?
    i'm looking forward to your e-mail soon, my dear!!!!
    Kiss you!!!
  9. Ben

    Ben Samurai

    Another IP Sat Gate autonomous system search at http://www.romancescam.com/ brings up
    Anya Pavlova and a host of others.
  10. leroy7

    leroy7 New Member

    elena, etc. re:

    As usual like the pix. I agree w/ s. a. Elena a cutie. leroy7
  11. Ben

    Ben Samurai

    I received another IP from " Elena " , reverse DN's authenticated Mari-El . I have started to confront this group with a few facts they might not like to hear. I told them how they were on a Western union blacklist so now in this bait they are using Money Gram.I think Money Gram definatly have them on the blacklist . :D

    Hello ****,

    I am glad to know, that at you and with you all in the full order.:). I am glad to read that you fished and
    have returned with good catching. It is good. I very much worried, when you did not write to me. I even the
    beginnings to think, that you any more are not interested in me. I hope, that it not so!? Certainly, I am
    interested in you. And I want to ask you, **** that next time when you will gather will leave somewhere and
    can not write to me some time that you at least have warned me. You understand me? I hope, what next time you
    are necessary me will warn?! I am valid very much for you experienced. Thank God, that at you all is good.

    ****, you have asked me, concerning your sending to me of money. I do not understand him slightly. I live in
    the same city, as well as wrote to you earlier. You should send me of money in city Kazan. you understand me,
    ****? Write to me. Probably, I have not correctly understood you? Then, explain to me again your question. Ok?

    By the way, today I was interested concerning what ways still that you could send me of money are available.
    Still there is one monetary translation, it - a remittance "MoneyGramm". The information which was given by I
    to you almost same, only a code - MTCN with eight numbers, instead of ten. You understand me? To me it will be
    better, if you will send to me of money to the phone these a way. Because branch "MoneyGramm" is almost that
    near to me and me it will be very easy to receive your money. I very much hope, that you understand about what
    I write you. Write to me the answer. Ok?

    Today, in the evening I am gather to meet mine school girlfriends. We did not see already enough long. I hope
    only, that weather in the street will not disappoint us and we shall lead are good evening. ****, you have
    such day when you meet all schoolmates? Likely, this day is present at all?! Yes?

    Well, I shall finish the letter to you. I hope, what at you now all in the full order, as well as at me?!

    I shall wait for your answer. Protect itself. Elena.
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  12. Slingeraap

    Slingeraap New Member


    I would meet her in May but with personal problems it was delayed maybe I need to be lucky as I read how much mail addresses she use and yesterday she called me,
    She send me a strange letter about hemp I think that I get it easy because I am from Holland??????:confused:
    Her email jenya.berry@yahoo.com

    Hello my dear .........
    How you today? How your relatives live? What weather now there at you? Here simply it is very hot and it is
    stuffy. At home it is not possible to sit, as it is very stuffy. Very many people have a rest on a beach. I
    not when did not notice in May Such heat. Probably this summer here there will be a record temperature for our
    city. You see such days here Were only in the hottest summer days, it in July.
    ........., I already prepared for May, 30 and talked at work to be exempted for some days in it Time. I ask you be
    more serious. June, 10 you precisely can arrive? It is already concrete? You will not debug more this Trip?
    Bring for my father the block strong Mallboro. Well? By the way, I
    considered about your country and there am written, that at you legalized Hemp. It so? You smoke Hemp. Here It
    is a lot of addicts and I do not want, that you were the addict. Some my familiar are smoked Hemp, but by they
    not Abuse it and they are not similar to addicts. I not when did not try it and I do not want. I ask you write
    To me it is fair, you when or tried it?
    Unfortunately my time has approached to the end and it is necessary for me to go. I wish successful day.
    Yours faithfully Jenya.

    Hello my dear ........
    How you? Whether unfortunately my E_Mail address has broken and consequently I at all do not know you have
    written to me whether or not. Therefore I ask you write on my new address. I wait for your answer and as I
    wait for your arrival in revival. Only I ask you arrive this time. Jenya.
    P.S. My new E_Mail: jenya.berry@gmail.com
  13. Ben

    Ben Samurai

    Hello my dear *****, I am very glad to read and know that you are going to come to Russia to meet me. It is very pleasant and
    good news!:). Lovely, I looked the average prices for phones and have chosen one most good phone - "Samsung."
    his cost - 252 $. I shall be very happy, if I shall have this phone. You really can help me with purchase of
    this phone?! I am correct you have understood?
    Hello my dear *****,

    I have received your letter. Yesterday, I did not manage to be called to you.

    I shall call to you necessarily tomorrow, as soon as to return in city. It will be approximately with
    19:00-22:00, Moscow time. Please, look, how many time it will be at you and wait for my bell. Ok? I very much
    hope, that tomorrow we will manage to talk with each other. I miss your attention.

    Well, it is time to me to go. I shall call to you tomorrow. Please, define, how many it will be on time at you
    and wait for my bell. Ok?

    With warm embraces. Elena.

    Most of the letters from this scammer are hand written (not script) and I was curious to know why "she" wanted me to visit Russia instead of her needing air fare . If you have not mentioned Hemp Slingeraap why would she .?
    I can say is she was on the phone to me, Monday last as expected, she called so that I could give her the Money Gram 8 digit number for the amount of to buy a cell phone,. It did sound like the girl who writes the letters but I could be wrong . At the point of me saying I have a lot of details about your game, I overheard her talking to someone else and made out she did not understand . The call lasted 6 minutes until she was cut off by a call time limit and the woman sounded middle aged .

    It is not impossible they are trying to set up a mule run with narcotics from Holland but again I am guessing ,they are scammers and they evolve new tricks ,thanks for the new email address Slingeraap , welcome to AFI . Do not hesitate to PM me if you want to ask of tell me anything more . regards Ben
  14. Ben

    Ben Samurai

    They don't get it and they don't give up, this was in my mail tonight .
    Hello my dear *****,

    I do not know how to start to you the letter the... I would like to know yours explanations. When I called to
    you hoped to talk to you. Together it you have filled up me with squalls of questions!!! Asked me, as if you
    do not believe me. It so, *****? Yes? Write to me.

    You in the letter have told me, that I prepared for a paper and a pencil, that as if to write down code MTCN,
    that I might take away your money to buy the phone. But you to not give me this number. Why, *****? You simply
    played with me. If you saw in what condition, I left with post branches, you at once would understand as far
    as bad there was my mood, after conversation with you, by the phone.

    *****, I do not know, that now. In any case, I shall wait for your answer and your explanations. Please,
    explain to me all!

    With warm embraces. Elena.

    PS. why you have not written to me after I have called to you? You have lost in me interest? You do not
    believe me???
  15. Slingeraap

    Slingeraap New Member

    Her new letter

    Asked me to send 200 Euro via Money Gram to her girlfriend for her apartment last Monday,

    Hello my dear ......
    How you? All of you yet have not answered my letter. You have received my letter which I have written to you
    on Sunday? If you did not receive this letter, I again shall send to you a copy of this letter:

    >Hello my dear ......
    >I am very glad to receive your letter. You write, that you do not play with me and you seriously concern to
    >ours To correspondence. Certainly very much it would be desirable to trust in it. But I ask you understand me
    >correctly. You already a little Time postponed your trip. If I as have acted with you probably and you would
    >not trust me. You Agree with me? I ask you do not take offence at a name because of mine not trust to you. As
    >soon as you will arrive in I shall trust Kazan quite to you.
    >I have some The request to you. You can send 200Euro? Simply it is necessary for me to pay for an apartment, and
    >my salary will be Only in the beginning of July. It is already necessary for me to pay for an apartment in
    >middle of the next week. I shall be very much It is grateful to you.
    >Her name: Svetlana
    >Her surname: Smirnova
    >Russia, city Kazan
    >...... you may send money through remittances Money Gram? This bank to be not far from a house My girlfriend.
    >On it I finish the letter and with impatience I wait for your answer. Jenya.

    Yesterday I tried to call to you, but unfortunately I could not phone. On it I finish the letter. I wish you
    successful day and good mood. Jenya.

    P.S. I shall be very grateful to you if you can send this sum of money. But if you may not send Such sum I
    shall understand you.
  16. Slingeraap

    Slingeraap New Member

    Jenya is hasten for her money

    This scammer cannot wait for her 200 euro:D

    Hello my dear ......
    I am very glad to receive your letter. At me everything is all right. I hope, as you as?
    I with the big impatience wait Your arrival also I hope, that in July you precisely can arrive.
    It is necessary for me to pay for an apartment this week and consequently I very much hope for you and I hope,
    that you Can send this sum this week. I shall be very grateful to you if you can the help. The bank will be To
    work only up to Friday and on Saturday and Sunday for them day off. Therefore I ask you try to send Tomorrow.
    Well? On it I finish the letter. I wait for your answer. Jenya.

    P.S. Weather here remarkable, the sun, heat...
  17. De Master Yoda

    De Master Yoda Administrator Staff Member

    Time to play with her I think!

    @Slingeraap, She seems to want the money badly, you can always ask her why she is asking for the money when she has already picked it up??
    The thought that someone else has picked up the money intended for her is always good to wind them up with!
    And when she says she has not got it you can ask her why she does not believe you?
    you can ask if her friend has picked the money up and not told her? this will cause disruption as they are probably the same person!
  18. Ben

    Ben Samurai

    Elena Grigoryevna Bulygina

    Sends videos, calls you by phone
    and suggests using messenger

    Hello ****.
    How you today? At me everything is all right. Now, as I have come in
    the Internet of cafe to me have approached the manager and The messenger has advised me to create Yahoo, he has told, that with help Yahoo
    messenger I can talk to you On a straight line, that is we can ask each
    other and at once answer them. It is simply wonderful. I have asked him that he has created to me Yahoo the messenger and now we can talk in
    online. If you not Have yahoo the messenger try to create.
    Mine ID:JenyaBerry.
    On it I finish the letter. I very much want to speak with you in
    online. Jenya.

    Name: Elena Grigoryevna Bulygina
    Place of birth and hometown: Kazan, Tatarstan Republic
    Date of Birth: 17 September 1982
  19. Slingeraap

    Slingeraap New Member

    Jenya believe me every time

    I tought Jenya asked me 200 euro than I ask her a naked picture but no way , now she do not need my money and still trust me only till end this month:D ,

    Hello my dear XXXXX.
    XXXXX as I already wrote to you, I shall not send you a naked photo. You it is simple have offended me it. I
    decent The girl. Decent girls not when do not photograph themselves naked. You understand me?
    You may spend your money. I not when shall not address to you for the help. At the end of this week I shall
    receive My salary also I shall pay for an apartment.
    After all it, I still believe you and I think, that this time you will not deceive me and can arrive in Kazan
    in it month. I shall wait up to the end of July and if you will deceive again me and will not arrive, not I
    shall trust you and I shall not write more to you the letter. Well?
    On it I finish the letter. I wait for your answer. Jenya.
  20. Ben

    Ben Samurai

    Hi Slingeraap how are you getting on with Jenya ?

    It is not often this question arises but it would be interesting to know if the girl in the scammers photo is aware that she has another very significant feature, apart from a tattoo .

    Hello my dear *****.
    I write you this letter and I hope that with you and at you everything
    is all right. And still, it would be
    desirable to wish you good and cheerful mood. And also I wish you good
    luck in your new day. At me and with me
    everything is all right. At work too all is normal. My mood, allows me
    to be pleased lifes. Want to admit,
    that on my mood, also you also influence. Can tell, that it becomes
    very pleasant for me, when I receive your
    letters. But if to be even more fair your letters become Not separate a
    part in my daily life. I think, that
    it about something speaks. Though, our dialogue began not so long ago,
    but I have an impression that we each
    other know long time. Probably, it of what we something are similar
    against each other? And I think, that the
    similar opinion develops not simply so. And I would not like to think,
    that it is simple concurrence. How you
    think, probably it is destiny? It would be very interesting to me to
    know your opinion on it. Last night,
    spoke by the phone with the parents. At them everything is all right.
    The most important for me, their this
    health and I am glad, that with them everything is all right. If it is
    fair, I have very strongly become
    missed of them also they I think, that too. Nevertheless, I at them the
    unique daughter. I think, that today I
    shall go to them. I want to talk to them about us... Nevertheless, the
    opinion of my parents which were much
    for me means. I hope, that their opinion will not resist to my desires.
    We always understood each other and I
    think, as this time, we can understand each other. And still, I worry.
    Nevertheless it is impossible to guess
    that is necessary to me is necessary to hear. But in my opinion, before
    we shall solve something and Let's
    undertake steps in our attitudes, my conversation with parents, I think
    am necessary. I hope you you will not
    be against it?!
    Unfortunately, my time has approached to the end and it is necessary
    for me to finish the letter. I shall wait
    for your answer. Protect itself. With the best regards. Jenya!

    P.S. On a photo is mine a tattoo.

    Maybe this is part of the scam ,if I mention it will she ask me to pay for " hairy mole" to be surgically removed ?.

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